Starting a new health-related business

What is a health-related business?

Health-related businesses include:

  • Personal care and body art businesses that provide hairdressing, beauty treatment, skin penetration procedures and colonic irrigation, and
  • Prescribed accommodation including rooming and boarding houses and motels, hostels and caravan parks.

Council support and assistance

Starting any type of prescribed accommodation can involve a number of areas within Council and may include obtaining a:

  • planning permit
  • building permit
  • occupancy permit
  • registering as prescribed accommodation

If you are thinking of starting a new health-related business, Council's Environmental Health Officers can support and assist you with the process and help you understand and achieve compliance with relevant standards and codes.

Council offers a range of optional services to help you set up your new health-related business. We can provide you with advice and assistance including a plans assessment service that includes progress inspections during construction.

We strongly encourage you to use this service as it can reduce costs, delays and potential rework of premises.

Find out more about the different types of health-related business. 

Health-related business plans assessment

We recommend that you submit your plans and specifications to us for assessment. This assessment helps us to understand your ideas and the scope of your business.

As part of this assessment service, Council reviews your plans to make sure that proposed buildings and works comply with the relevant health regulations and guidelines. You will also receive advice and assistance in setting up your health-related business.

It is your responsibility to apply for any necessary planning permits or building permits before you can commence works on your new business.

For example, if you want to operate your health business from home you need to follow Council's guidelines for working from home (DOC 220Kb) and you may need permits if you intend to renovate or extend the building.

How to submit your plans for assessment

What you need

With your application you need to include:

The structural plans should include all relevant details, including:

  • dimensions and details of fixtures and fittings, including location and elevations, and 
  • specifications of various material to be used on surfaces and finishes.

How to apply

Complete the Application for Plans Assessment - Health or Prescribed Accommodation Premises form (DOC 175Kb) and submit with the plan layout and specifications.

The application fee is $241.85 for businesses with less than 20 employees.

Council sends you a customised invoice for the registration application. Pay the registration fee online by Visa or MasterCard, by phone, mail or in person.

What happens after you apply

After Council has assessed your plans, you will receive a report that identifies:

  • any non-compliant items
  • any details that requires clarification or more information
  • any additional costs that may be incurred, and
  • options and suggestions that may resolve any issues.

After payment has been received, Council will conduct a final inspection. In our experience, proprietors who use our plans assessment service are less likely to encounter any major issues with the registration process.

You can contact Council to find out more about business plans assessment.