Mobility Maps

What are Mobility Maps?

Mobility Maps feature important information like the locations of accessible toilets and disabled parking spaces to help people living with disability get around more easily.  

Mobility Maps support locals and visitors with limited mobility, including those in wheelchairs, on walking frames, gophers and even those using prams to access facilities.

Mobility Maps of Coburg and Fawkner

Council has produced Mobility Maps covering Coburg and Fawkner.

You can visit or ring a Council Customer Service Centre to get a hard copy map.

Mobility Maps smartphone application

The Mobility Maps can now also be accessed on Smartphones. To find out how to get Mobility Maps on your iPhone or Android, download Mobility Maps Smartphone Application instructions (PDF 722Kb).

National Public Toilet Map

National Public Toilet Map lists and maps the location of public toilets in Moreland and other areas. There is also an app available for smartphones.

How Council is working to improve mobility

Council has an annual works program which helps address access and safety issues. As part of this program, we:

  • repair damaged footpaths
  • address unsafe road and street crossings
  • unblock footpaths, such as incorrect street trading or footpaths blocked by construction or rubbish dumping
  • instal tactile indicators
  • instal adequate lighting on streets and paths
  • provide seating and shelter near bus stops
  • advocate for sufficient traffic light time at pedestrian crossings, and 
  • work to increase the number of recharge points for wheelchairs and scooters.

You can report a problem online or contact Council.

There are documents on this page in PDF-only format. If you have trouble opening or viewing a PDF document, contact Council and we will arrange to provide the information in a format that suits your needs. See Council's accessibility page for further details.