New residents

Welcome kit for new residents

Council welcomes you to Moreland. As a new resident, you join a diverse, active community of around 142,000 people who have made Moreland home.

Moreland is the traditional home of the Wurundjeri people, part of the Woi wurrung group. Read more about local Indigenous history and the history of each suburb post-contact.

You can get a Welcome Kit from a Council Customer Service Centre. We have also developed an online checklist for new residents and links to some of the Council information new residents often need when moving into an area.

Checklist for new residents

Once you've moved to Moreland, you should:

Enrol to vote in Council elections with the Victorian Electoral Commission.

If you have a pet, register your pet. Tell your old Council you've moved so they can update their animal database.

If you have a child up to six years old, call Council to register your child with the Maternal and Child Health Service. Your child is eligible for free and local health check ups.

If you have a car and on-street parking, apply for a residential parking permit.

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Living in Moreland

Services near you

Search In my area to find Council and community services and centres near you, including libraries, arts venues, parks, pools, schools, kindergartens and child care centres.

Dark Green Compost Bin Lid openRubbish, recycling and green waste collection

Hard waste and other rubbish

  • Council collects hard waste once a year in February and March.
  • It is illegal to leave rubbish on the footpath at all other times. You can be fined and charged.
  • Take large or toxic rubbish to a recycle centre or landfill.

New bins, compost bins, mulch and worm farms

Parking, bike paths and transport

Exercise, sport and recreation

Parks, walking trails and bike paths

  • Find a park near you with a playground, barbecue or other park and recreation facilities

Arts and festivals

We run a series of festivals and events in Moreland for the community to enjoy.

Gyms, group fitness classes and health programs

Council operates three Leisure Centres at Brunswick Baths, Coburg Leisure Centre and Fawkner Leisure Centre with gyms, fitness classes and health programs at an affordable cost.


  • Search the Council Active Moreland website for sports clubs and activities.

Public pools

Babies and children

Young people

Animals and pets: registration, permits, off-leash parks

  • Tell your former Council that you've moved.

Local shopping, libraries and other activities