Gender equality

Gender Equality Commitment

What is gender equality?

Gender equality means the equality of rights, opportunities and responsibilities for people of all genders. Promoting gender equality prevents family violence and other forms of violence against women and girls.

Council's commitment

The Gender Equality Commitment, adopted by Council on 13 March 2019, supports Council to promote equality and inclusion in the Moreland community through collaboration in Council and partnerships with community stakeholders.  

Seven key action areas have been identified in community consultations:

  • Equal visibility, self representation and leadership opportunities
  • Accessible and safe public spaces, including for sports and recreation
  • Equal pay for equal work
  • Safe and affordable housing
  • Access to formal and community education
  • Empowering everyone to support the Gender Equality Commitment
  • Accountability.


Now seeking community input to support the implementation 

  • Seeking Expressions of Interest from residents to oversee and support action plan development and implementation, data collection and evaluation (2019-2021). 

  • Agencies with expertise and experience willing to partner with Council in implementing actions and exploring external funding opportunities.

Please email Moreland Gender Equality or phone 9240 111 if you are interested or have any queries.

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This video has captions.

Previous gender equality initiatives

Honouring Women in Moreland Awards

Council started the Honouring Women in Moreland Awards in 2003. The awards have recognised the important contribution and leadership of women in Moreland to advance social justice and the wellbeing of our community.  The awards are now part of the Moreland Awards and are open to women and girls who live or work in Moreland.

Victorian Local Government Women's Charter

The Victorian Local Government Women's Charter was established by the Municipal Association of Victoria and Victorian Local Governance Association to increase women's participation in local government, supporting gender equity, diversity and active citizenship principles.


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