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Last updated 30 May 2017

Status – Approved

The Minister for Planning has approved Amendment C158.

At its meeting on 13 July 2016 Council resolved to adopt a final Moreland Industrial Land Strategy 2015-30 (MILS). 

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Changes to the Moreland Planning Scheme

On the 13 July 2016 Council also resolved to adopt Amendment C158, and submit it to the Minister for Planning for Approval. Amendment C158 was gazetted on the 6 April 2017 and came into operation on this date.

Amendment C158 implements the MILS into the Moreland Planning Scheme by making changes to the Local Planning Policy Framework. No rezoning of land occured as part of Amendment C158.

All changes to the Planning Scheme as approved by Amendment C158 are able to be viewed at Clause 21.03 of the Moreland Planning Scheme.

For further information contact Council's Strategic Planning unit on 9240 1111.


6 August 2015 - 18 September 2015 
Public exhibition of the Draft MILS and submission period (Completed)

11 Nov 2015 
Submissions reported to Council (Completed)

29 January 2015 
Directions Hearing (Completed)

24 February - 3 March 2016 
Panel hearing (Completed)

13 July 2016 
Council adopts Amendment C158 and a Final MILS, and resolves to submit Amendment C158 for approval (Completed)

27 July 2016 
Amendment C158 submitted to the Minister for Planning for approval (Completed)

6 April 2017   
Ministers decision recieved - Amendment C158 gazetted (Completed)

About Amendment C161

Council prepared Amendment C161 to the Moreland Planning Scheme.

Land affected by the amendment

The amendment applied to the precinct referred to as 395-429 Albert Street, Brunswick.

The precinct is comprised of the following properties:
395, 397-401, 403, 405, 407, 409, 411, 413, 417, 423, 427 and 429 Albert Street, Brunswick.

What the amendment proposed

The proposed Amendment C161 to the Moreland Planning Scheme is summarised as follows:

  • Rezone the precinct from the Industrial 1 Zone (IN1Z) to the Mixed Use Zone (MUZ).
  • Apply schedule 26 of the Design and Development Overlay (DDO26) to the precinct. DDO26 applies built form requirements to achieve defined design outcomes including mandatory maximum height controls ranging from 4 to 6 storeys.
  • Apply the Environmental Audit Overlay (EAO) to the precinct, to ensure potential contamination issues are addressed.

Council Decision

Council considered the report of the panel appointed to consider Amendment C161 to the Moreland Planning Scheme at the 9 August 2017 Council meeting.

Council resolved to Abandon the amendment.

A copy of the report considered by Council and the minutes of this meeting are available on our Minutes and past agendas page.

Amendment C172

Amendment C172 rezones the land at 395-429 Albert Street, Brunswick from the Industrial 1 Zone to the Mixed Use Zone, applies the Environmental Audit Overlay and applies Design and Development Overlay, Schedule 26 (DDO26).

The Minister for Planning used his powers pursuant to section 20(4) of the Planning and Environment Act 1987 to exempt himself from the normal notice provisions to approve this amendment.

The Minister justified this decision because the amendment had already gone through a full amendment process – through Amendment C161, which was abandoned by Council at its meeting of 9 August 2017.

Amendment C172 applies a discretionary eight storey height limit across the site through the provisions of DDO26, consistent with the recommendations of the independent planning panel for Amendment C161.

Further information about industrial land in Moreland

For further information please phone Council’s Strategic Planning Team on 9240 1175 or email Strategic Planning.

Key dates

3 March - 7 April 2016
Public exhibition of Amendment C160

13 July 2016
Submissions reported to Council

9 September 2016
Directions hearing

20-21 October 2016
Panel hearing 

9 August 2017
Council meeting

Document library

Panel Report

C161 - 395-429 Albert Street - Panel Report - 29 November 2016 (PDF 1Mb)

Panel Hearing documents

Council Part A Submission with Attachments (PDF 11.5Mb) (PDF 12Mb)

C161 - Panel - Part B Council Submission - 21 September 2016 (DOC 1.25Mb) (DOC 1Mb)

C161 - Panel - Panel C Council Submission - 21 October 2016 (DOC 436Kb)

C161 - Revised DDO26 10 August 2016 (PDF 1.4Mb) (PDF 1Mb)

Expert Witness Report - Planning - Andrew Biacsi 397-401 Albert Street (PDF 3.8Mb) (PDF 4Mb)

Expert Witness Report - Planning - Andrew Biacsi Statement 429 Albert Street (PDF 4Mb)(PDF 3.9Mb)

Expert Witness Report - Urban Design - Mark Sheppard 397-401 Albert Street (PDF 3Mb) (PDF 2.6Mb)


Submissions 1-10 (Redacted) (PDF 2Mb)

Late submissions 11-13 (Redacted) (PDF 347Kb)

Exhibition documents

Explanatory report (PDF 262Kb)

Schedule 26 to the Design and Development Overlay (PDF 285Kb)

Zone map (PDF 270Kb)

DDO map (PDF 273Kb)

EAO map (PDF 276Kb)

Background documents 

Albert Street Urban Renewal Precinct - Urban Context Report, Planning Studio on Peel (November 2015) (PDF 4Mb)

395-429 Albert Street, Brunswick Master Plan - Massing Study, Mantesso Interlandi Architects (November 2015) (PDF 4Mb)

There are some documents that are only available as PDFs on this page. If you have trouble opening or viewing a PDF document, you can contact us through our contact web page and we will arrange to provide the information in a format that suits your needs. You can also go to our accessibility web page to find out further details.