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Development Contributions Plan

About Moreland's Development Contributions Plan

The purpose of the Moreland Development Contributions Plan (DCP) is to ensure that the cost of providing new infrastructure is shared between developers and the wider community on a fair and reasonable basis. More specifically, the DCP imposes a development infrastructure levy and/or a community infrastructure levy to fund a range of social and physical infrastructure to meet the future needs of the community.

The DCP outlines these social and physical infrstructure projects, including capital infrastructure projects such as roads, drainage, footpath, streetscape works as well as community infrastructure projects, such as child care centres, Maternal and Child Health Centres and neighbourhood houses. The infrastructure is required to cope with the growing population of the municipality and the consequential increased demand on infrastructure.

The Development Contributions Plan Overlay (DCPO) is a way by which Council charges new development for contributions towards the planned social and physical infrastructure projects set out in the DCP.

While Council Rates cover the majority of infrastructure in Moreland, the DCPO provides additional funding to make up for shortfalls between rates and the cost of infrastructure. The development contributions go directly towards projects which would be used by the development, because they are located in the same area. 

  • A DCP charge applies to all development requiring a planning permit.  However the following are exempt from the requirement to make contributions:

    • Non- government schools
    • Development that comprises renovations or alterations to an existing dwelling, demolition of a dwelling and replacement with a new dwelling and outbuildings and fences normal to a dwelling (the exemption does not apply to works associated with a second or subsequent dwellings on the same land); and
    • Reinstatement of a building which has been unintentionally damaged or destroyed, provided that the floor area of the new building is not greater than the damaged or destroyed building.
  • The amount to be paid depends on the location of the site and the development type proposed.

    Moreland has been broken down into 12 Charge Areas (generally by suburb). Each Charge Area has a different list of projects, and so the required payment for each area is different.

    In addition, there are three different development categories – residential, industrial and commercial. Residential development requires a community infrastructure payment as well as a development infrastructure payment. Industrial and commercial development only requires a development infrastructure payment.

    To calculate the cost you are required to pay, you need to identify the Charge Area in which the site is located, what type of development is proposed, and either the number of dwellings or the size of the commercial/ industrial floor area being proposed.

    The cost can then be calculated by referring to Schedule 1 to the DCPO which will be located at Clause 45.06 of the Moreland Planning Scheme.

    Link to Schedule 1 of Clause 45.06

  • An invoice for the DCP charge will be issued with your planning permit. You are required to pay the DCP charge prior to the issue of the building permit.

Amendment C215 - Changes to the DCP Incorporated Document

Amendment C215 proposes to changes the Incorporated Document: Moreland Development Contributution Plan, January 2015 listed in the Schedule to Clause 72.04 Documents Incorporated of the Moreland Planning Scheme.


Specifically, the amendment proposes to amend text at section 7.3 Funds Administration (page 20) to extend the date by which projects funded via this DCP will be delivered, from 30 June 2023 to 30 June 2026. The date by which funds will be collected has not changed.


Where does the Amendment apply?


The Amendment applies to all land within the City of Moreland and affects all residential, commerical and indsutrial developments that have or will be subject to the payment of levies under the Moreland Development Contribution Plan, January 2015.


Where to inspect the amendment?


All documents that support this amendment can be found electronically in the amendment documents section below. If required, we will post you a hard copy.


The amendment can also be inspected on the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning website.


Have your say on Amendment C215


Amendment C215 is now on public exhibition and you are welcome to make a written submission to Council to express your views.


Submissions must be received by 17 September 2021.


By completing the online form

By clicking 'I agree' below you acknowledge and agree that you are aware that your submission and personal information may be made available and you acknowledge and agree that to have a valid submission the details described above must be provided.*


By post

Strategic Planning
Submission to Amendment C215
Moreland City Council
Locked Bag 10 Moreland VIC 3058.


By email


Please include 'Submission to Amendment C215' in the subject line.



Please be aware that Moreland City Council collects information from organisations and individuals during the planning scheme amendment process through submissions made to an Amendment. Submissions may be handwritten, electronic (both written and audio-visual) and often contain images, maps and plans. Submissions frequently contain personal information which at times may be sensitive for commercial, health or other reasons.


Natural justice and transparency are important parts of the Planning Scheme Amendment process. Under section 21(2) of the Planning and Environment Act 1987 (Vic), Council must make all submissions to an Amendment available to view by any person at its offices for a period of two months after the Amendment is gazetted or lapses. This includes all personal names and address details, unless specifically requested to be deleted prior to the submission being made publicly available.


Submissions are used by Council when assessing the Amendment and summaries of your submission are included in any Council report that considers the Amendment following the close of exhibition. Your submission will also be used and disclosed in the public process of a Panel Hearing if one is required. Any submission forwarded to Planning Panels Victoria will be managed with in accordance with their privacy policy.


Publication of Submissions on Council’s Website


Council will make all submissions available to view online on its website during the Planning Scheme Amendment process. All submissions made available online will be redacted to remove personal names, telephone and address details. Submissions will be removed from the website once the Amendment is finalised.


Use of your personal information


In accordance with the Privacy and Data Protection Act 2014 (Vic) and Health Records Act 2001 (Vic) the personal information submitted by you is being collected by Moreland City Council for the submission process and it will not be disclosed to any other external party without your consent, except as a requirement of the Planning and Environment Act 1987 (Vic). This includes disclosing your personal information upon request (name and address only) to any person who made a submission during the Planning Scheme Amendment process.


If you do not provide your name and address Council will not be able to consider your submission.


You can gain access to the personal information you have provided to Moreland City Council and if you wish to alter it, please contact Council’s Privacy Officer via telephone on 9384 9111 or e-mail at

For more information regarding privacy please visit our Privacy page.


Amendment C133 - Implementation of the DCPO

Amendment C133 introduced the DCPO to the Moreland Planning Scheme, applying it to all the land within the municipality through its gazettel on 19 November 2015. 

You can view more information on Amendment C133 on the DELWP Amendment C133 webpage.

 DELWP Amendment C133 page

Further information about development contribution plans

For further information relating to the amendment process, contact Council's Strategic Planning Unit on 9240 2422 or email Strategic Planning.

There are some documents that are only available as PDFs on this page. If you have trouble opening or viewing a PDF document, you can contact us through our contact web page and we will arrange to provide the information in a format that suits your needs. You can also go to our accessibility web page to find out further details.