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Making your business sustainable

In business, sustainability refers to doing business without negatively impacting the environment, community, or society as a whole.

Business can move toward sustainability in a range of ways including:

  • Switch your lights to LED
  • Install solar panels
  • Draught proof your building
  • Insulate your building
  • Switch to GreenPower
  • Turn off your coffee machine
  • Install a fridge timer
  • Recycle your coffee grounds

Our commitment to sustainability

We are committed to sustainability. Our Zero Carbon Moreland Strategy is helping Moreland to become a carbon neutral community by achieving zero carbon emissions across the municipality by 2040. 

Solar and energy support for your business

Can your business premises a new solar system? Or an upgrade to lighting, heating, ventilation, or the hot water system?

If so, we have support available to help deliver operational, energy and carbon emissions savings.

We have partnered with EnviroGroup, based in Coburg, to provide businesses with energy upgrade support.

These upgrades may include:

Energy assessment of your business or organisation

  • Solar system
  • Battery storage
  • Insulation
  • Draught proofing
  • Reverse-cycle air conditioners for cooling and heating
  • Hot water services

For more information and to apply go to the Zero Carbon Moreland website.

Finance for building upgrades

Environmental Upgrade Finance (EUF) is an option for business that want to make an upgrade to their building.

This is a long term, low interest loan to upgrade a building. Your Council administers the loan.

You must own or lease commercial, non-residential buildings in Moreland to apply for Environmental Upgrade Finance.

  • The benefits of environmental upgrade finance are:

    • No upfront capital or security
    • Fixed rate, long-term loan terms with low annual repayments
    • The option to share costs between owners and tenants
    • We collect your repayments through council rates
    • Every loan is legislated to deliver a positive environmental outcome
  • We offer environmental upgrade finance so that businesses can:

    • protect themselves from rising energy prices.
    • reduce their operating costs.
    • replace inefficient equipment with new technology.
    • install rooftop solar PV without using upfront capital.
    • lock in competitive long-term rates.
  • To get Environmental Upgrade Finance you need to sign an Environmental Upgrade Agreement (EUA). This agreement is between Council, the owner, and a lender. We are working with Sustainable Australia Fund or our Environmental Upgrade Agreements (EUAs).

    If you want to find out more about Sustainable Australia Fund you fill in the contact form on their website or request a callback. 

    Download the Environmental Upgrade Agreement information flyers for landlords (PDF 128Kb)owner-occupiers (PDF 1Mb) and tenants (PDF 1Mb).

  • Contact our Economic Development Team on:

Plastic Wise for Businesses

In 2019 we put in place our Plastic Wise Policy (DOC 87Kb). We want to encourage Moreland businesses to join us in transitioning our facilities and services away from using single-use plastics.

Around 40% of plastic items are discarded after being used only once. Most of these discarded plastics don't biodegrade and have a devastating impact on wildlife if they end up in our waterways.

There are many ways to reduce the amount of single-use packaging you use and supply to your customers. We have put together 2 resources with tips and advice for removing single-use plastics from your business:

Learn more about Plastic Wise Moreland

  • We are currently running a 4 month trial of a program called Plastic Free Sydney Road. This trial will support food retail businesses to transition away from single-use plastics like coffee cups, takeaway containers and straws.

    The trial is part of the national Plastic Free Places program run by Boomerang Alliance. This program has eliminated over 6 million items of plastic from businesses across Australia.

    The trial will run between March and June 2021. There is room for up to 30 food businesses in the trial, located on Sydney Road in Brunswick and Coburg. Participating businesses will receive free advice that is tailored to their business. We will also support these businesses so they can identify and implement environmentally responsible and cost-effective packaging alternatives.

    To participate in this trial, go to the Plastic Free Places website and register your food retail business on Sydney Road.

    We encourage everyone to support the participating businesses and encourage their plastic free efforts. We will have a full list of participating food retailers available once the trial begins.

    We have included some answers to frequently asked questions below. For more information email or call 9240 1111.

    Why reduce and eliminate single-use plastics?

    Single-use plastics are only used for a matter of minutes, but their impacts are long lasting. These plastics harm our ecosystems and human health and wellbeing in numerous ways, both now and long into the future. As a result of the public demand for change, South Australia , Queensland and ACT are legislating bans on single-use plastics.

    This trial will provide free, tailored support to businesses looking to reduce their reliance on single-use plastics. These businesses will be on the front-foot of inevitable policy changes banning single-use plastics. This will also help local businesses to meet the expectations from customers who are increasingly demanding sustainable business practices.

    What single-use plastic items is the program looking to eliminate?

    The program is looking to help to eliminate six key single-use plastic items:

    • water bottles
    • coffee cups and lids
    • straws
    • foodware (like cutlery, cups, lids)
    • takeaway containers
    • plastic bags

    These items are commonly littered and found in waste streams. They pose significant risks to the environment. There are also readily available solutions to replace these items.

    If businesses are interested in finding out about alternatives for other plastic items we can help them with this as well.

    Who is involved in this trial program?

    We are running the trial in partnership with Boomerang Alliance. Our work will be led by our Sustainable Communities, Environmental Health and Economic Development Units.

    Boomerang Alliance are a community not-for-profit organisation working on waste minimisation and recycling in Australia. They have expert knowledge of alternative packaging as well as contacts with the local supply chain. Their contacts can assist food businesses to effectively address barriers in transitioning away from single-use plastics. They are partnered with the Australian Packaging Covenant (APCO) and have been delivering this program with businesses all around Australia since 2016.

    What does the program cost?

    There is no cost to businesses to participate in the Plastic Free Sydney Road trial. We are funding the program. Some options presented to eliminate single-use plastics may have a higher purchase cost than current products.

    Do businesses have to commit to eliminating all single-use plastics to participate?

    No, businesses do not have to commit to eliminating all single use plastics in order to participate in the trial. How much and what types of plastics they want to reduce is within their control. If a business wanted to join the trial and only receive tips on reducing single-use plastics we are happy to support them.

    We will support and celebrate any changes that a business makes to reduce single-use plastics.

    Why is the trial just on Sydney Road in Brunswick and Coburg?

    It will help this trial to succeed if businesses are close together in an identifiable ‘local’ zone. This is because the public will be able to recognise the signage promoting the program and provide interest and positive feedback.

    The Sydney Road shopping precincts also have well-established traders associations that can help us to promote the program and provide us with feedback.