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Outdoor dining and parklets

Since October 2020 we’ve helped over 280 cafes, bars and restaurants in Moreland to expand outdoor dining as part of their Covid-19 recovery.  

The Love Moreland, Dine Local program has made Moreland a more attractive outdoor dining destination by supporting businesses to serve customers on footpaths, streets, carparks and private land. 

Applications are now closed for Love Moreland, Dine Local but options to expand outdoor dining are still available to Moreland businesses and are listed below. If you'd like to discuss what options are available to your business or need help understanding permit processes please call our Business Support team on (03) 9240 1111 

Options for outdoor dining

  • Set up outdoor dining on the footpath in front of your business and/or a consenting neighbouring business. This is the simplest and fastest option for outdoor dining. We encourage you to explore this as an option and apply for the relevant permits as a first step.

    If you have a footpath trading permit for the front of your business, you can apply to extend your footpath trading area. If you do not currently have a footpath trading permit, and your property fits the criteria, you can apply now. 

    To be eligible for footpath dining the area must meet Moreland Footpath Trading Guidelines.

    Visit the Other permits for businesses for more information and to apply.

  • You may be able to expand your outdoor dining onto previously unused private land, such as a carpark or a neighbouring property.

    To make it easier for hospitality businesses to do this, we have made some temporary exemptions to planning permits.

    To find out if you qualify for these exemptions view our planning permit exemptions factsheet. More detailed information is available in the updated Planning Scheme or you can call our Planning Team on 9240 1111.

  • Permits are available for new food truck or mobile food businesses and existing businesses can apply to trade in new locations.

    Visit the Food businesses page for more information.


Parklets are re-purposed parking bays which are used as spaces for pedestrian activity. Parklet setups can contain things like seating, tables, greenery and bike parking facilities. Although parklets are maintained by hosts, they are public space for the community to enjoy.

Anyone in the Moreland community can host a Parklet. This site needs to be located on a Council owned road, signed less than 50km/hr. For more information on site requirements, look through the Moreland Parklet Program guidelines (PDF 4Mb).

If you have questions about the program, take a look through the answers to some common questions below the video. You can also email to ask specific questions.

  • Yes, you can try a parklet by applying for a short term installation which runs for 6 months. These short term installations run from July to January and then from January to July each year. This span of months allows sites to experience cool and warm weather. We hire out parklet furniture for short term installations so that hosts can trial a parklet before they invest in our long term stream.

  • Yes, you can design, construct and maintain your own semi-permanent parklet installation as part of our long term stream. Your setup will need to be within the Moreland Parklet Program guidelines (PDF 4Mb). The long term stream allows a parklet to be installed in a parking space out the front of a business for 1 year. The host then has the option to renew the permit annually.

    We have prepared a standard parklet design detail (PDF 126Kb) that applicants can use as part of their submission for a parklet. This document can assist you to minimise the costs associated with the need for structural engineering sign off.

  • If you are interested in hosting a parklet or are interested in finding out more, we recommend you read the Moreland Parklet Program guidelines (PDF 4Mb).

  • To apply for a parklet grant, you first need to successfully lodge a Long Term Parklet application (PDF 561Kb). Before the grant is awarded the parklet build needs to be completed and approved by us prior to June 18 2021. Once this milestone is achieved you will need to submit a completed Parklet Funding Grant application form to