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In partnership with Melbourne

Water, we are constructing a wetland

at the confluence of the Merri and

Edgars Creek. The wetlands will

provide a unique area for plants and

animals – some which are rare and

locally threatened – and treat and

improve stormwater before it enters

the Merri Creek, while providing a

natural parkland for our community.

We’ve increased community

safety through upgrades to our

pedestrian walkways and shopping

strips, with projects like the Dunnes

Lane and Gaffney–Cumberland

Street upgrades adding street

lighting, new trees, wider walkways,

and murals. We’ve also made it

safer for our community to get to

and from the Moreland Zebras home

ground, with the State Government

granting Moreland $192,000 to light

up De Chene Reserve.

Council continues to invest in

sustainable transport options.

We have continued to improve

safety along the Upfield path with

the lighting upgrade rollout as well

as path widening in peak areas.

We received VicTrack and Metro

approval for the next extension

of the Craigieburn Rail shared

path and partnered with PTV

to trial Bikes on Buses.

This Council has also

been focussed on creating

and maintaining open

spaces for our growing

community to enjoy

the great outdoors.

We proudly opened the newly

renovated Anne Sgro Children’s

Centre in late 2015. The significant

renovations included a new kinder

room for 28 children; refurbished

nursery rooms, toddler room,

kitchen, laundry and children’s

bathrooms; landscaped areas

and outdoor learning space,

shade sails, fences and footpaths.

Moreland is a great municipality that

thrives because of its diversity and

harmony. We continue to promote

and foster our multiculturalism

through festivals and celebrations.

As we face the future, we know

that there are challenges on the

horizon, however, I am confident

that the work of this Council will

help Moreland continue to grow

and thrive for decades to come.

Mayor Cr Samantha Ratnam

Mayor Councillor

Samantha Ratnam