Election Candidate Information and Training Sessions

If you are thinking about running as a candidate in this year's local government elections, this workshop will provide everything you need to know about how to campaign, connect with the community and what really happens inside a council.

The workshop will include relevant, accessible and comprehensive training on the business of local government and the journey from community member to candidate and (potentially) councillor.

You will get a comprehensive overview of the business of local government, the roles of councils, councillors and the electoral system.

Topics to be covered will be:

• What is local government 
• How does local government work 
• Council CEO and the administration 
• What is the role of a councillor 
• What is the role of council 
• Accountability 
• Key dates and candidate eligibility 
• Understanding your council/ward 
• Personal values and election platform 
• Campaigning

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Council - Training and Information sessions

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