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The next Council meeting is on Wednesday 12 June 2019 at 7 pm in the Council Chamber, Moreland Civic Centre, 90 Bell Street, Coburg. 

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Council meeting agenda

Wednesday 12 June 2019 - 7 pm

1.      Welcome           

2.      Apologies

Leave of absence has been requested from Cr Tapinos – 17 June 2019 – 30 July 2019.

Leave of absence has been granted to Cr Carli Hannan - 11 April 2019 to 12 August 2019.

3.       Declaration of Interests and/or Conflicts of Interest

4.       Confirmation Of Minutes              

The minutes of the Council meeting held on 8 May 2019 and the Special Council meeting held on 3 June 2019 be confirmed.

5.        Minutes / Reports of Special Committee

6.        Petitions


7.        Question Time

8.        Council Reports

DCF37/19 Moreland Integrated Transport Strategy (MITS) Ten Year Capital Works Program for Pedestrians and Cyclists and Advocacy Plan - Council Action Plan Item (D19/176008)

  • DCF38/19 Moreland Integrated Transport Strategy (MITS) - Parking Implementation Approach and Principles - Council Action Plan Item (D19/176204)
  • DCD11/19 Aged Care and Disability Reforms - Council Action Plan Item (D19/149753)
  • DCF39/19 Better Planning and Development Outcomes Through Additional Urban Design Resources - Council Action Plan Item (D19/168549)
  • DCD12/19 Draft Sport and Active Recreation Strategic Framework - Council Action Plan Item (D19/194312)
  • DCF40/19 Better Outcomes for Two Dwellings On A Lot - A Review of Dual Occupancy Development in Moreland - Council Action Plan Item (D19/161053)
  • DCD13/19 Living and Ageing Well in Moreland - Framework and Action Plan for Endorsement - Council Action Plan Item (D19/185390)
  • DCF41/19 Proactive Planning Enforcement and Improved Planning Services - Council Action Plan Item (D19/185009)
  • DCD14/19 Full Potential: A Strategy for Moreland's Young People - Draft for Consultation (D19/191048)
  • DCF42/19 Essendon Fields Airport - 2019 Preliminary Draft Master Plan Submission (D19/172101)
  • DCI9/19 Public Place Recycling Trial and Soft Plastic Trial Conclusion (D19/189637)
  • DCF43/19 Achieving Zero Carbon in the Planning Scheme (D19/185663)
  • DCF44/19 Amendment C185 - Glenroy Library Rezoning - Decision Gateway 3 - Consider Adoption of Amendment (D19/174267)
  • DCF45/19 Amendment C169 - Advertising and Club Signage in Open Spaces - Decision Gateway 3 - Consideration of the Panel Report and Adoption of the Amendment (D19/91497)
  • DCF46/19 Laneway Closure Bonwick Street Streetscape Upgrade (D19/157924)
  • DEP5/19 Redevelopment of 33 Saxon Street - Update (D19/177053)
  • DBT11/19 Councillor Code of Conduct Review (D19/192370)
  • EMF19/19 Procurement Policy Annual Review (D19/185486)
  • DCF47/19 Page Street, Coburg Road Closure - Proposal to Place and Maintain Barriers to Permanently Block Motor Vehicles (D19/180057)
  • EMF20/19 Discontinuance of Bernard Street, Oak Park (D19/168438)
  • EMF21/19 Financial Management Report for the Period Ended 30 April 2019 - Cyclical Report (D19/165979)
  • DBT12/19 Governance Report - June 2019 - Cyclical Report (D19/189037)
  • DCF48/19 City Oval Stormwater Harvesting System - Tender Award (D19/198403)
  • EMF22/19 Provision of Valuation Services Tender (D19/185588)
  • EMF23/19 State Purchasing Contract for the Provision of Natural Gas - Large Sites (D19/189576)
  • DCI10/19 Contract 789t – Provision of Asphalt, Quarry Products and Profiling Tender Award (D19/187783)
  • DCD15/19 Contract 776t Food Supply and Packaging Services (D19/149676)
  • DCI11/19 Contract 788t: Drainage - CCTV Surveys, Drainage and GPT Cleaning and Associated Works Tender Award (D19/156836)

9.       Notices of Motion

  • NOM22/19 Waiving Hall Hire Fee in Support of the West Papuan Radio Program Annual Fund Raising (D19/205064) – Cr Mark Riley
  • NOM23/19 Greek Story Time at Moreland Libraries (D19/201597) – Cr Sue Bolton
  • NOM24/19 Financial Support for Undress Runways (D19/201585) – Cr Natalie Abboud
  • NOM25/19 Consistent Heritage Signage in the Pentridge Prison Precinct (D19/201607) - Cr Sue Bolton
  • NOM26/19 Support for Homeless and People with Drug or Mental Health Challenges (D19/201623) – Cr Natalie Abboud
  • NOM27/19 Call for Re-Direction of Federal Government Funds from East – West Link to Public Transport Infrastructure (D19/201627) – Cr Natalie Abboud

10.     Notice of Rescission

11.     Foreshadowed Items

12.     Urgent Business Reports

13.     Confidential Business

  • DBT13/19 Staffing Matter (D19/210119)

    Pursuant to sections 77(2)(c) and 89(2)(a) this report has been designated as confidential by the Chief Executive Officer because it relates to personnel matters.