Complaints about Council services

Here at Moreland City Council we believe that complaints are a way for you to tell us what we got wrong, to bring something to our attention, an opportunity for us to fix a problem, and a way for us to learn what we could do better.

When you complain to us we promise that we will:

  • listen to you,
  • treat you fairly,
  • let you know what’s happening,
  • try to fix what we should,
  • and learn from your feedback.

How to make a complaint

There are a few ways that you can tell us about your complaint:

What to expect

We have an easy to follow 3 tier complaint system. Here’s how it works:

  • We will record your complaint and provide a reference number either by email or phone when you submit your complaint.
  • We will investigate and attempt to resolve the complaint within 28 days where possible.
  • Complaints about the quality, delay or failure to deliver a service are generally dealt with by council officers at tier 1.
  • Complaints about a policy decision or officer conduct are dealt with by council team leaders and managers at tier 2.
  • Requests for internal reviews are dealt with by the Complaints Resolution Coordinator at tier 3 (tier 2 must be completed first).


  • After your complaint is resolved, you can complain about the way your complaint was investigated or the result.
  • To escalate your complaint, you will need to call 9240 1111, this is so we can triage your complaint and send it to the right person. You may be asked why you think your complaint needs to be escalated. Escalations will be handled by the next highest tier.
  • Council may decide not to investigate or escalate a complaint depending on the nature of the complaint or reasons for escalation.

You can read our Complaints Handling Policy here

If you are not satisfied with the way your complaint is handled after internal processes have been exhausted, you may elect to pursue matters with the Victorian State Ombudsman. Where there are external appeal mechanisms available, for example for Town Planning complaints, these can be referred to VCAT.

Victorian Ombudsman
Level 9, North Tower
459 Collins Street
Melbourne, Victoria 3000

Telephone: 9613 6222
Toll Free: 1800 806 314
Facsimile: 9614 0246
Email Victorian Ombudsman
Victorian Ombudsman website