My Virtual Moreland 3D Viewer


As part of the Smart Cities and Suburbs grant received from the Australian Government, Council has partnered with Mapping and GIS experts AAM Group to create the My Virtual Moreland 3D viewer, a web tool for council and community.

The My Virtual Moreland 3D viewer is an easy to use 3D web tool intended to assist the community to gather information on local planning projects and applications, use specialised 3D tools and visualise open source data which is relevant to the local community utilising a detailed 3D map of Moreland. This viewer is also used by Council staff to make more informed design and planning decisions.

The My Virtual Moreland 3D viewer is undergoing constant development. Council is dedicated to keeping the 3D map of Moreland up-to-date and add useful tools and data to My Virtual Moreland viewer to assist the community. The planned additions to this 3D map include adding functionality to view proposed 3D models, zoning information, overlays, and additional open source data.

Some of the current tools and information include: 

  • currently advertised planning applications
  • shadow analysis tools
  • 3D measurement tools
  • line of sight tools
  • open source data.

 Click Here to open the viewer in a new browser window.