Street Tree Planting Plan


Our green street landscape is a significant asset to the local community and the environment. Over the past two decades Moreland's urban tree population has been affected by extended periods of below average rainfall, inadequate protection of trees during construction and reduced space due to urban consolidation.

Street trees provide a wide range of essential ecosystem services

In 2012, the Moreland Street Landscape Strategy 2012 (MSLS) was adopted by Council resolution. This was followed by the Urban Forest Strategy 2017-27 (DOC 20Mb) developed in 2016-17.

The strategies argue that the strategic management of the street tree population requires an inventory with information on the risk, composition and condition of the existing trees and detail of potential planting locations across the municipality.

Street Tree Plan

The aim of the Moreland Street Tree Plan is to produce a spatial and technical street tree planting program that complements the Moreland Urban Forest Strategy and guides the sustainable planning, planting, management and resourcing of Moreland's street trees.

Additional aims include:

    • Provide a long-term plan for future street tree planting and maintenance, which ensures a comprehensive and consistent approach to the improvement of Moreland's urban forest
    • Determine principles for prioritising street tree planting and maintenance across Moreland
    • Improve the knowledge base of Moreland's existing street trees and identify gaps in the coverage, tree population knowledge and data as well as identify plans required to address these gaps
    • Increase awareness and educate the community, developers and Council staff on the benefits and value of Moreland's urban forest, and
    • Complement other aligned organisational plans and strategies that support community, environment and economic wellbeing.

      Community engagement activities, Coburg Night  Market (12/2015)

The project will produce:

  • planting plans for every Moreland street
  • communication material to support the public consultation program
  • improved technical standards for street tree plantings
  • street tree program, management and maintenance directions to improve the outcomes of plantings
  • an integrated street tree inventory, and technical analysis, and
  • a tree selection tool

Street Tree Plan consultation

Street trees on Council land will thrive best if they are valued and supported by the local community.

Community custodianship of urban trees encourages the community to be more patient with tree growth, fear less about fallen limbs and consider autumn leaves and seed pods less problematic. It also requires Council to sustain and maintain its street tree assets.

If you have any specific interest, concerns or questions relating to the Moreland Street Tree Plan, then please contact Council's Urban Forest Officer on 8311 4300.

Thermal image Thermal image

These two streetscape images show surface temperatues using a thermal camera. They were taken when the temperature exceeded 40 degrees Celsius. Both images clearly illustrate the important role of street trees in reducing temperatues through shade and evapotranspiration. The image on the left reveals a 36.7 degree difference between exposed areas and shade. The image on the right shows the car parked in the sun is nearly 60 degrees compared to 31 degrees for areas under the shade of the street trees.