John Street, Brunswick East - trial road closure

In August 2019, Council resolved to errect temporary barriers on the Albert Street end of John Street in Brunswick East.

These barriers are to block vehicles, other than bicycles, as a traffic diversion experiment. 

The purpose of the trial is to determine if this is an acceptable method of protecting these local streets from cut through traffic and thus improve pedestrian and cycling movements along this street.  The trial will allow the Council transport engineers to identify adverse impacts of this type of treatment and develop a strategy to mitigate these.

The section of road to be closed for the trial is:

  • John Street, Brunswick East, from Albert Street to a point 8 metres further south

John Street, Brunswick East


John Street, Brunswick East is classified as a local street in the Moreland Integrated Transport Strategy (MITS) 2019, and is part of the East Brunswick Shimmy, the primary bicycle route connecting Brunswick to the Canning Street bike boulevard. J

ohn Street is estimated to have an additional 804 vehicle movements a day as a result of the 222 resident car parking spaces from the sections of the East Brunswick Village (EBV) that will have access to John Street. 

As such in order to eliminate cut through traffic and thus improve the pedestrian and cycling facilities along John Street, Council will be undertaking a trial closure at this location.


The temporary road closures is expected to commence in September. Additional correspondence will be sent to local residents once a date for construction is confirmed.

For more information

Enquiries can be made to Council’s Senior Traffic Engineer on 9240 1111 or email