West Street, Brunswick - A Park Close to Home

Delivering A Park Close to Home

Exciting news! Moreland City Council is creating two new parks for the community. The first will be located in Tinning Street and the other West Street. 

The West Street park development includes 1,3,5,7 and 11 West Street and 29 and 31 Breese Street, Brunswick.

This page will be updated with information regarding the West Street park at the project progresses.

We want to hear from you about their use and design, and later this year we’ll be holding community consultations so you can have your say and be part of this exciting new project. 

Please register your interest in this project by emailing Council's Open Space Design and Development Unit or phone Counicl 9240 1111.

This new park is part of A Park Close to Home.

Share your ideas for the naming of this new park


We are also seeking submissions on names for this new park. In accordance with Council’s Naming Moreland Places Policy, any person is invited to submit suggestions. 


Find out more about how you can share your suggested names.