Bulleke-bek Park, West Street, Brunswick - A Park Close to Home

We’re creating a number of new parks in suburbs across Moreland that need them the most as Council implements the Park Close to Home initiative. One of the first parks to be delivered is going to be located at 1-11 West Street and 29-31 Breese Street, Brunswick (PDF 7Mb).
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It's official - Bulleke-bek Park, West / Breese Street, Brunswick

Bulleke-bek means Brunswick in Woi Wurrung language. This name was suggested by an Elder at the Wurundjeri Tribe Council, the Elder chose the name Bulleke-bek as the former Aboriginal name for Brunswick recorded by Alfred William Howitt (an anthropologist based in Gippsland) in his notebook, which is held by the Melbourne Museum. The name is believed to refer to the description ‘flat country with scattered trees’.

Three name options for the new park on the corner of West and Breese Street were raised by the community during consultations in September 2019. The three suggested names relate to the history, heritage and character of Brunswick. The community voted on a preferred name for the new park, and Bulleke-bek Park won 64 per cent of votes as the preferred name. At the February 2020 meeting, Council endorsed Bulleke-bek Park as the name for the new park on the corner of West and Breese Street Brunswick.  

Park development update - February 2020 

Construction has been delayed due to complexities during demolition. It is now expected that demolition will be completed early April, then construction can commence. Construction of the new park is expected to take 20 weeks, therefore completion is planned for September 2020.

Further updates will be provided as the project progresses.

Further enquiries

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