Martin Reserve, Hadfield - Play space upgrade

The playspace at Martin Reserve is being upgraded this year, as Council continues to implement the Moreland Play Strategy 2016-20 (PDF 2Mb). This proposed upgrade focuses on the playspace and surrounding parkland area. 

Fitness equipment and concrete access paths will be provided this year. A concrete circuit path around the oval in early 2021.

Upcoming Construction

Council's Open Space team have completed detailed design for the playspace and are starting construction end October in order to complete works by mid December, weather permitting.

Fitness equipment and concrete access paths will be installed in early December. A concrete circular path with ground markers around the outside of the oval will be provided in early 2021. This circular path will connect to the access paths.

You can view the playspace final concept plan: Martin Reserve Playspace Final Concept Plan (PDF 10Mb)

Fitness equipment details : Martin Reserve Fitness Equipment (PDF 3Mb)