Survey and census reports

Vulnerable population in Moreland 

The Moreland City Council research team is producing series of summary briefs that provide data on vulnerable population groups in Moreland at the suburb level. This is intended to provide information to help inform Covid19 response efforts. Please contact the research team for further information, email or phone 9240 1111.

Local Government Community Satisfaction Survey

This survey is carried out annually and measures community satisfaction with services provided by local government.

Moreland Household Survey Report

The Moreland Household Survey was first conducted in 2011. It is a bi-annual census style survey of Moreland residents that captures demographic information and data relating resident behaviour and lifestyle. 

Moreland Community Indicators Survey Report

Until 2010 the Community Indicators Survey was an annual survey of Moreland residents that captured community perceptions data about the social, economic and environmental state of Moreland.

In 2011 it was decided to hold a census-style household survey and carry out the Community Indicators Survey every second year.

Data is collected at a small area level and for a range of demographic characteristics to assist in local area planning and to identify issues.

Census maps of Moreland

Community Atlas for Moreland lets users produce maps of the 2011 Australian Bureau of Statistics Census of Population and Housing data for Moreland.

Census information of Moreland

Moreland Community Profile website has detailed statistical and demographic information about Moreland and its suburbs based on results from the latest Census and previous Censuses of Population and Housing. The site is updated with population estimates when the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) releases new figures.

Population and household forecasts of Moreland

Population and household forecasts for Moreland may be accessed via the link given below.

Moreland population and household forecasts is commissioned by Council and provides forecasts at the level of suburbs.

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