About Supplier Portal

The Supplier Portal is a website that allows suppliers and potential suppliers to provide details about their company in order to be advised of potential sales opportunities.

It allows companies to register and advise the types of goods or services available. It also allows companies to progress through relevant prequalification activities in their own time rather than as part of a tender.

Benefits and features of the Supplier Portal

Moreland City Council uses a Supplier Portal as it:

  • is a faster, easier way for business to lodge tender responses with Council and to register to be advised of tenders
  • means business no longer relies on finding tenders through government lists or by word of mouth
  • provides better notification of tenders to registered users
  • allows open tracking of all documents and communications, ensuring all tenderers are treated fairly
  • removes courier costs and the risk of documents not being submitted
  • allows 24 hour 7 days a week collection of tender documents and submission of tenders
  • automatically advises tenderers whether documents were successfully submitted
  • lets potential tenderers be notified without having to search newspapers
  • ensures all tenderers receive exactly the same communications
  • ensures all tenderers are notified as soon as an addenda is issued
  • provides a clear, externally controlled close time
  • ensures all tender responses are captured in one auditable system, and
  • provides a way for suppliers to pre-qualify in their own time without the pressure of a tender
  • provides for open communication between suppliers and Council, and
  • assists suppliers to maintain currency with licence and insurance requirements.

The basic tendering process

The tendering process is:

  1. Firstly, Council raises a tender on the Portal.
  2. If Council raises a public tender, all registered suppliers for that category are notified as well as the link being advertised in the newspaper; if it is not a public tender, then only the selected suppliers are notified.
  3. Registered users logon and collect the documents. New users register and then collect documents. This can be done any time of the day or night. There is no delay for delivery of documents waiting for staff to mail them.
  4. Council and the tenderer submit questions and answers via the Portal to ensure there is an auditable record of them.
  5. All tenderers who have downloaded documents will be notified of any new addenda.
  6. Tenderers can upload their tender submission via the Portal.
  7. The tender will close on time in accordance with the clock on the system. Documents not uploaded at this time will be rejected. Moreland staff are unable to see any uploaded documents until the tender closes.
  8. Questions of clarification may be sent using the forum for each tender.
  9. Results listed online in accordance with Moreland procedures.


When registering your company, certain skills and capabilities will be selected. These govern which tenders you will be notified about and what qualifications will be required.

Suppliers and potential suppliers can complete any requirements prior to tenders to relieve the stress of completing a tender. You will only need to complete these details once, as this information will be held against your record.

You will need to load details of expiry on licences and qualifications that expire. You will then be notified when expiry is approaching so you can maintain the information.

Pricebooks and other functions

Suppliers can maintain pricebook data on the system so both the supplier and Moreland agree the current price. Pricebooks submitted require approval from Moreland staff, therefore providing offer and acceptance should there be a price dispute.

Other functions such as a document dropbox and project management forum allow better communication with Moreland Officers and relive stress on your email services.

If a tender is released

If a tender is listed and a potential supplier registers interest, the site also provides all document release and submission access as well as a means for presenting questions and receiving answers.

If a contract is awarded

If a supplier is successful and awarded a contract, all insurance certificates, licences, drawings etc can be managed through the site. It also provides a project management forum to allow communication between supplier and Council staff and stores these communications so they are never lost.

A document drop box saves pressure on email.

Suppliers can manage price updates through the Price Book area and can achieve site induction to enter council facilities through the site as well.