Your chance to balance the budget (media release)

If you had $148 million to run our city what would you spend it on? Council's new budget simulator puts you in the hot seat to allocate the 2019-2020 budget however you choose.

You can spend more on roads and rubbish or maybe you would like to boost parks and playgrounds, but you must make the budget balance.

Council has created this online tool to find out the community's priorities for 2019-2020 budget.

Moreland City Council Mayour Cr Natalie Abboud said the simulator would hand the reins over to residents to balance the budget.

"Many residents have probably wanted to be in charge of Council's budget, now is their chance," Cr Abboud said.

"You can use it to allocate more money to services you would prefer, but remember, just like at home, balancing the budget is not always as easy as it looks."

Brunswick resident Kate Hatch said she was keen to play around with the budget according to her own interests and values.

"I would like to see more money spent on sustainable infrastructure so I'm looking forward to seeing what effects my changes would have on the rest of the budget," Ms Hatch said.

The budget simulator is available until Sunday 24 February. Those who don't have access to the internet can access the simulator at one of our libraries.

Once it closes, Council will collate all the feedback and use it to help shape the draft budget, which will be released for community consultation in late April.

View the budget simulator