Moreland welcomes State Government announcement of more level crossing removals (Media release)

Moreland City Council has welcomed Premier Daniel Andrew’s announcement on the weekend of two additional level crossing removals on the Upfield line at Munro Street and Reynard Street, in addition to the already-announced Moreland Road and Bell Street, should Labor win the upcoming state election.

The Premier also announced yesterday that the ‘sky rail’ methodology will be used to remove the crossings, rather than a trench.

Moreland City Council has not expressed a preference for either construction option but has stated that the sky rail option presents an opportunity for a widened Upfield Shared Path, as well as recreation opportunities and open space under the raised rail. 

“We thank the State Government for this commitment – which will make a huge difference to the municipality – however Council has always said that we want an ‘all of line’ approach to level crossing removals on the Upfield line and we will continue to advocate to the State Government for that approach, which would future-proof our city as it grows,” Cr Kavanagh said.

“Council will also be strongly advocating to the State Government to undertake extensive consultation with the Moreland community to establish how the project progresses from here,” he said.

“We’d love to see a firm date set for the Glenroy level crossing removal already committed to by the State Government and have input into the prioritisation of further crossing removals in Moreland on both the Upfield and Craigieburn lines that the Premier has indicated are ‘in the pipeline’,” said Cr Kavanagh.

23 October 2018