Council acts to protect residents in Brunswick apartment building with dangerous cladding (Media release)

This afternoon Moreland’s Building Surveyor gave an order for safety works to be done at an apartment block at 601 Sydney Road Brunswick, to reduce fire risks from dangerous building cladding. The Building consists of 105 apartments or retail tenancies.

Known as ‘Anstey Square’, the building was the site of a fire in March this year and was one of the triggers for the Victorian Government to announce the establishment of the Building Cladding taskforce. This followed the tragic fire at the Grenfell Tower in London in which 71 people died.

The Taskforce began its work in July and has been working closely with Council’s Municipal Building Surveyor. The taskforce has identified 123 buildings in Moreland that require detailed safety audits to determine if there are fire risks from external cladding.

The Anstey Square building is the first building to produce a risk rating that merits an immediate building order. It has been assessed in conjunction with experts from the Victorian Building Authority, the Metropolitan Fire Brigade and fire safety engineers from the Victorian Cladding Taskforce.

The Municipal Building Surveyor has today ordered that flammable cladding around fire hydrants and hoses be removed within two months and that additional sprinklers be installed on each balcony in the complex within three months.

Moreland City Council’s CEO Dr Nerina Di Lorenzo said the process put in train by the State Government has provided the necessary expertise and resources to assess this important public safety issue.

“We continue to work with the State Government to ensure residents’ safety and have issued this order as a firm step towards reducing the fire risk in this building.

“I thank the Minister for Planning for providing the Taskforce and hope it can continue in some form beyond Christmas to make sure the remaining buildings are properly assessed”, Dr Di Lorenzo said.

“It is important that we continue this partnership with the State Government’s Cladding Taskforce and the Victorian Building Authority in the interests of resident safety.

“We invite residents and property owners to contact Council if they have any concerns. Our Customer Service staff will be rostered on over the weekend to answer queries and information is available on our website,” she said.

See Building cladding inspections in Moreland for further details.

8 December 2017