Draft Zero Carbon Moreland Action Plan 2020/21 – 2024/25

About the draft Action Plan

Climate change is a dangerous threat to earth’s people, plants and animals.

It is Councils adopted goal for Moreland to be a zero carbon community by 2040.  More and more local residents, businesses and councils are facing the urgent challenge of responding to the climate emergency.

The draft Zero Carbon Moreland - Action Plan 2020/21 (PDF 3Mb)– 2024/25 (PDF 3Mb) proposed key initiatives and programs for the first five-year period of the Zero Carbon Moreland 2040 Framework.

At the April 2019 Council meeting, Council endorsed the draft Zero Carbon Moreland Action Plan 2020/21 – 2024/25 (ZCM) (PDF 3Mb) for community consultation. Extended community and stakeholder consultation is now complete, having closed on 27 September 2019, before finalising the Zero Carbon Moreland - Climate Emergency Action Plan 2020/21 - 2024/25 (PDF 2Mb) 

The consultation outcomes, and other factors arising since April 2019, have informed the final draft ZCM adopted by Council on 13 November 2019. 

Strategic objectives

The draft Zero Carbon Moreland Action Plan proposes measurable targets and key programs to influence and reduce community-wide greenhouse gas emissions relating to three strategic directions:

  • Energy Transition: Efficient and 100% Renewably Powered Energy
  • Sustainable Transport: Active or Zero Emissions Transport
  • Waste and Consumption: Circular Economy with Zero Waste

Because Council and our delivery partners cannot control many of the sources of greenhouse gas emissions within our community, we are inviting everyone: individuals, community groups, schools, businesses and not-for-profit organisations to plan and act within their sphere of control and influence - to reduce carbon emissions and join the campaign to demand action for a safe climate.

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Further information

For more information about the Zero Carbon Moreland Action Plan 2020/21 - 2024/25 please call our Environmentally Sustainable Design (ESD) Team on 9240 1111.