Proposed Road Discontinuance -28 and 30 Bell Street, Coburg

Council is proposing to discontinue the road enclosed within 28 and 30 Bell Street, Coburg.

Map indicating the location of the proposed road discontinuance at 28 and 30 Bell Street, Coburg.

If discontinued, Council proposes to sell the land from the road to the owners of 28 and 30 Bell Street, by private treaty in accordance with its Rights of Way Associated Policies 2011 (DOC 116Kb) and Rights of Way Strategy (DOC 3Mb).

Submissions now closed

Following the consideration of any submissions, Council may decide to discontinue and sell the road, part of the road, or not discontinue the road.


All enquiries should be directed to Liz McDonald, Property Officer by phone 9240 2274 or email Council Property.