Moreland good design (part of the Medium Density Review)

Medium density units and townhouses are home to 35 per cent of Moreland’s population.

Medium density housing provides an alternative to separate dwellings and contributes to the range of housing options to suit different budgets and lifestyle needs. For a family on a moderate income, medium density dwellings are an affordable alternative to separate houses.

Council undertook the Moreland Medium Density Review last year as part of Council Action Plans 22 and 35.One of the key results of the review was to undertake consultation with the community, experts, designers and builders. 

The Draft Good Design Advice Sheets

Council has developed the Draft Design Advice Sheets to demonstrate how medium density development in Moreland can be better designed.

These sheets can assist in discussions with Council before a planning application is submitted and throughout the permit assessment process.

Download the Draft Good Design Advice Sheets:

  1. Site layout  (PDF 2Mb)
  2. Exterior appearance  (PDF 1Mb)
  3. Communal access areas  (PDF 1Mb)
  4. Amenity  (PDF 1Mb)
  5. Internal layout  (PDF 710Kb)
  6. The full set of advice sheets (PDF 7Mb)

Attend a Moreland Design Session to give your feedback

The Moreland Design Sessions aim to gather feedback from industry professionals and the community to improve medium density residential developments in Moreland.

Attend a session to give feedback about:

  • Moreland Council’s new Draft Good Design Advice Sheets
  • Draft Quality Development Scorecard and the 
  • Online Tree Selection tool. 

We are running two sessions designed for industry professionals. One is for architects and the other is for builders and building designers. 

We are running one session on 26 November designed for community members, owning or renting in a medium density unit or townhouse. At this session we are launching the Good Design Advice Sheets and awarding top student medium density designs as part of a Design Studio collaboration with Melbourne University.

Download the Moreland Design Sessions flyer (PDF 578Kb).

Send us your feedback

If you are unable to make a Moreland Design Session, but would like to give your feedback to improve the design sheets, email Council Urban Design.  

We will review feedback received from the community, applicants, industry professionals, and state government to improve the advice sheets.

About the Medium Density Housing Review

The review involves extensive and broad ranging inputs that have provided a detailed understanding of what is driving the quality of medium density housing.  

One of the key input of the report includes a detailed survey of occupants of medium density housing in Moreland which attracted over 460 responses.

The review also includes an extensive case study analysis of approved planning permits for medium density housing, including evaluation of more than 160 developments, involving more than 900 dwellings. Actions recommended by the review include:  

  • Increase tree canopy and improve landscaping outcomes
  • Improve exterior appearance and internal amenity
  • Work with designers to improve design outcomes
  • Investigate ways to give incentives for lower density development through a more straightforward permit process
  • Increase the compliance with planning permit requirements, and
  • Advocate to the State Government to raise the state requirements (ResCode Clause 55).

On 10 October 2018, Council endorsed the Medium Density Review Report and its recommendations with minor changes. Download Medium Density Housing Review Report (PDF 30Mb).

Further information

Contact Senior Urban Designer, Tri Setyani, or Urban Designer, Ben Kazacos at Council on 9240 1111 or email Council Urban Design