Give Glenroy a Go

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The campaign

Council believes the best way to keep up with the needs of the rapidly growing population in Glenroy is to locate important services in the one place.

That's why we are campaigning to secure funding for the Wheatsheaf Hub, a centralised site for services from birth to old age.

Why is it needed?

Glenroy is growing rapidly – over the next five years, its population will grow by 10 per cent.

Services are at breaking point and are difficult for families to access. Child, health and education services are scattered across Glenroy and in buildings that are long past their use-by date.

Children in Glenroy and Hadfield have a higher level of developmental delay than Moreland as a whole, according to Australian Early Development Census data. Almost 30 per cent of these children lack one or more of physical, social, emotional, language or communication skills.

The influx of young families and an ageing population is increasing demand on services so much that in the next five years, most services will reach capacity. People in need will be turned away.

The Wheatsheaf Community Hub will expand and co-locate services in the heart of Glenroy, making it easier for families to access much-needed services.

What is the Wheatsheaf Community Hub?

The Wheatsheaf Community Hub is a proposed new location for services on the site of the former Glenroy Primary School.

It includes:

  • new library
  • new childcare and kindergarten
  • new neighbourhood learning centre
  • new Maternal and Child Health Services
  • community meeting facilities
  • new park and open space
  • allied health services.

Who will fund the Wheatsheaf Community Hub?

Moreland City Council is providing the land and substantial funding to deliver the project.

Council is asking the State Government to commit $6 million to the expected $24.5 million cost of building the Wheatsheaf Community Hub. Council will also seek funding from the Federal Government.

When will the Wheatsheaf Community Hub be open?

If Council reaches its funding goal, the Wheatsheaf Community Hub is estimated to open in 2020.

The hub is needed as soon as possible because of population growth predictions over the next five years and the high need for health and educational services.

How can I get involved?

  • Sign a postcard at one of our locations in Glenroy.
  • Sign our petition (click the button below).
  • Spread the word.


Sign our petition

to Premier of Victoria Daniel Andrews on


Tell the Premier to Give Glenroy a Go and fund the Wheatsheaf Community Hub




More information

Email Judy Spokes or phone 9240 1136. 

Read the Give Glenroy a Go media release, 1 August 2018