Draft Public Lighting Policy


Moreland City Council monitors the performance of street lights and provides lighting in public open space such as parks, reserves and well used shared pathways. The standards for public lighting are outlined in the Moreland Public Lighting Policy. This policy ensures that public lighting meets community expectations for illumination performance while minimising operating costs and environmental impacts. 

Council is currently reviewing its public lighting policy. At the June 2018 meeting Council endorsed an updated Draft Public Lighting Policy (PDF 2Mb) for community consultation.

Key changes and areas for action

The draft policy includes:

  • Performance standards that describe how bright the light ought to be in the areas we want to light.
  • Performance standards that describe how lanterns should shape light to keep light out of areas we want to keep dark.
  • Performance standards about light colour output to minimise potential disruption to wildlife, astronomers and others affected by particular frequencies of light.
  • Performance standards to ensure lanterns are energy efficient and minimise use of materials that are potentially damaging to the environment.  
  • A statement of responsibility identifying locations that ought to be illuminated using public lights, locations that ought to be lit by private land owners and locations that ought to remain unilluminated.
  • A commitment to get better value from ratepayer spend on public lighting by removing redundant public lights.
  • A statement clarifying where it is appropriate to use decorative public light fittings and where it is appropriate to use standard design poles and lights
  • Updates to reflect improvements in public lighting technology;
  • Updates to align the public lighting policy to the Council Plan 2017-21 and other Council commitments
  • Changes to asset management processes to ensure Council is better able to keep track of public lights and undertake preventative maintenance.

Download the Draft Public Lighting Policy (PDF 2Mb).


Feedback closed at 5 pm on Friday 28 September 2018.

Council will review this draft to incorporate these comments with an aim to formally adopt it by Summer 2018-19.


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