Level crossings removal in Moreland

State Government’s Level Crossing Removals in Moreland

The State Government is removing 5 level crossings in the City of Moreland on the Upfield and Craigieburn lines as part of its Level Crossing Removal Project.

Level Crossing removals are funded and delivered by the State Government and its agency the Level Crossing Removal Project (LXRP).

How can I find information about project updates and disruptions?


For project updates and to sign up for email updates or connect with LXRP’s social media channels, visit levelcrossings.vic.gov.au/projects

For service disruption updates visit levelcrossings.vic.gov.au/disruptions. Plan your travel on public transport using the PTV Journey Planner.

LXRP’s Your Level Crossing website, also has project information and information about community consultation.

You can also view our Disruptions page to see current and past works notices.

What is Council’s role?

As a key stakeholder, but not the project owner, Council is not responsible for the planning or delivery of the level crossing removals.

We continue to advocate to the Level Crossing Removal Project for the best outcomes for our community and city.

Council welcomes the removal of level crossings in Moreland and wants to the projects to be well-planned, delivered to the highest quality, and constructed with the minimum amount of disruption.

You can find out more about Council’s advocacy role here.     

Which level crossings will be removed?

Bell to Moreland:

Bell Street, Coburg

Munro Street, Coburg

Reynard Street, Coburg

Moreland Road, Brunswick

The Bell to Moreland level crossings will be replaced by a rail over road design.


Glenroy Road, Glenroy

Level crossing at Glenroy Road will be removed by lowering the rail line under the road into an open trench.

When are works expected to start?

Construction will take place on the Bell to Moreland project in 2020, with boom gates removed at the end of 2020 and construction complete in 2021.

The Glenroy Road level crossing is expected to be gone by 2022.

I have a question about level crossing removals in Moreland

If you have any questions about the project, contact the State Government’s Level Crossing Removal Project at:

Email: contact@levelcrossings.vic.gov.au

Phone: 1800 105 105.

For languages other than English phone 9280 0780

In person:


153 Sydney Road


Or by visiting the LXRP website or the Your Level Crossing website.

How can Council help?

The level crossing removals in Moreland are the responsibility of the State Government and its agency the Level Crossing Removal Project. Council’s role is as a key stakeholder, not the project owner. However, in addition to our advocacy efforts, we may be able to help with:

  • Parking arrangements during works
  • Traffic management and safety
  • Support to local business disrupted by works.

Will there be changes to parking?

As works progress, there will be changes to parking in and around Coburg and Moreland stations and other sites across Moreland.

At this stage there is no information about parking changes. Once this information is available, this page will be updated and alerts sent out via Council’s social media channels, and you can also phone Council on 9240 1111 for more information.

Project information released to the public

The folllowing documents have been released by the LXRP in response to a Freedom of Information Request by a member of the community. Click on the documents below to view a copy: