Level crossings removal in Moreland

About the project

The Victorian Government have confirmed that a number of level crossings will be removed from locations across Moreland, this includes four crossings on the Upfield train line at the following locations:

Council welcomed the recent announcement from the Victorian Government also confirming the removal of the level crossing located at Glenroy Road, Glenroy.

The Level Crossing Removal Project (LXRP) have confirmed that two new stations will be constructed at Coburg and Moreland, and that the heritage listed station buildings will be preserved and re-purposed.

Works are expected to commence in 2019, with boom gates removed in 2020 and constructed to be completed in 2021.

Council's position

Council has long supported the removal of level crossings along the Upfield railway line and the benefits this will bring to our community. 

As a key stakeholder, but not the project owner, we have been advocating to the State Government and the LXRP so that the best possible outcome for our community and city are achieved. 

Council's key advocacy requests for the project have included:

  • Provide adequate funding, thought and focus to the newly created ‘left under’ spaces (for example, trees and landscaping, active and passive public spaces, management and maintenance)
  • Transform the Upfield shared path (width and landscape), including separation of bike and pedestrian paths
  • Incorporate extended pedestrian plazas at Coburg and Moreland Stations
  • Include five vehicle, bike and pedestrian crossings at Bell Street, Victoria Street, Munro Street, Reynard Street and Moreland Road
  • Transform existing Victoria Street underpass into a shared street for pedestrians, bikes and vehicles
  • Provide high quality rail channel viaducts, higher off ground (up to 7 metres high), allowing greater light penetration below and mitigating overlooking concerns.
  • Facilitate realisation of key redevelopment sites as part of The Coburg Initiative (TCI), in particular, Coburg Square.

What has Council been doing to support the community?

Council officers have been meeting with community groups to hear their concerns and ideas, and forwarding this information on to the LXRP.

Officers have also consistently provided information to the LXRP regarding Council’s recommendation for the project that take into account local amenity and the impact on the surrounding communities.

Council has also acted as a link between the LXRP and community groups, providing contact details and connections between the two to promote as much information sharing as possible.

As the project owners, it is the responsibility of the LXRP to engage with the community and communicate with all stakeholders on all aspects of the project, but where feasible Council has helped share information, news and consultation opportunities through our channels to encourage community members to get involved in consultation opportunities.

Some key actions Council has taken include:

  • Informing LXRP of the feedback we have been receiving from the community and highlighting key community issues (such as tree protection at the Gandolfo Gardens and respect of Heritage aspects of the stations)
  • Publicising contact details so the community can contact LXRP direct with any feedback
  • Meeting with LXRP to provide advice and information about Council policies, strategies and planning requirements e.g. the Moreland Planning Scheme, Council’s local law requirements and information about Council’s engineering requirements that cover everything from park benches to curbs and channels
  • Council has provided this advice and information as we would to any service authority, organisation or individual, to ensure those elements are reflected within the design of a project.

What is going to happen to the trees in Gandolfo Gardens?

Gandolfo Gardens are owned by VicTrack and the railway station premises and facilities are managed by Metro Trains contractors. Council has been maintaining the open space, landscape and trees of the gardens.

We have not been formally notified of tree removal within the Gandolfo Gardens and our present understanding is that the project scope has not yet been confirmed by the LXRP.

Ensuring our community has access to parks and green open spaces is part of our Open Space Strategy and A Park Close to Home initiative and we have a range of additional strategies including the Urban Forest Strategy, Urban Heat Island Action Plan and Cooling the Upfield Corridor.

We will continue advocating to the LXRP around the overall use of the space, preservation of vegetation and for community consultation in regard to the gardens.

Council has also been advocating to LXRP the importance of the Canoe Tree memorial in the gardens.

We strongly encourage you to contact the LXRP direct with any concerns you may have.

Contact the LXRP

Victorian Government's release of station designs

Design concepts for the new railway stations were recently released. Moreland Council was disappointed at the decision by the Victorian Government not to consult with Council on the railway station designs.

Mayor, Councillors and Council staff were not invited to the official announcement of the designs at a ceremony conducted at Coburg Station and attended by Premier Daniel Andrews, Minister for Transport Infrastructure Jacinta Allan and Memebr for Pascoe Vale Lizzie Blandthorn. 

Council has also not yet received a rationale or explanation from the Victorian Government on why no community consultation was undertaken at this important stage of the project. 

We are encouraging the community to voice their concerns about the lack of consultation and provide feedback to the Victorian Government and the LXRP.

Here is how you can voice your concerns:

Council does not know when final designs will be presented. The LXRP have stated on their website that further consultations will occur in mid 2019 on aspects of the design including the look and feel and the use of open space.

We will continue to advocate to the LXRP on the remainder of the project design. 

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Voluntary purchase - what will this mean for residents and businesses?

The Victorian Government has announced that no compulsory aquisition of homes or businesses will be required.

Instead a Voluntary Purchase Scheme will be offered to homes impacted by the project. Council is working to confirm with the LXRP if this scheme will include businesses.

Looking for more information?

Stay up-to-date on the latest news and information regarding level crossing removals in Moreland by visiting the LXRP website.

You can contact the LXRP directly via:

Contact the LXRP

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