Level crossing removals in Moreland - State Government

Closures to the Upfield Bike Path - Coburg and Brunswick

A section of the Upfield Bike Path, between O’Hea Street in Coburg and Albion Street in Brunswick, will be closed from Thursday 6 February 2020 until mid 2021.

Learn more about this closure on the Level Crossings Removal website.

State Government’s Level Crossing Removals in Moreland

The State Government is removing 5 level crossings in the City of Moreland on the Upfield and Craigieburn lines as part of its Level Crossing Removal Project.

Level Crossing removals are funded and delivered by the State Government and its agency the Level Crossing Removal Project (LXRP).

What is Council’s role?

As a key stakeholder, but not the project owner, Council is not responsible for the planning or delivery of the level crossing removals.

We continue to advocate to the LXRP for the best outcomes for our community and city.

Council welcomes the removal of level crossings in Moreland, and continues to advocate for the projects to be well-planned, delivered to the highest quality, and constructed with the minimum amount of disruption to the community.

Council Advocacy

Key Advocacy Requests

  • Ongoing consultation with the Moreland community and Council.
  • Provide adequate funding, thought and focus to the newly created ‘left under’ spaces (for example, trees and landscaping, active and passive public spaces, management and maintenance).
  • Transform the Upfield shared path (width and landscape), including separation of bike and pedestrian paths.
  • Incorporate extended pedestrian plazas at Coburg and Moreland Stations.
  • Include 5 vehicle, bike and pedestrian crossings at Bell Street, Victoria Street, Munro Street, Reynard Street and Moreland Road.
  • Transform existing Victoria Street underpass into a shared street for pedestrians, bikes and vehicles.
  • Provide high quality rail channel viaducts, higher off ground (up to 7 metres high), allowing greater light penetration below and mitigating overlooking concerns.
  • Retain the Munro Street, Coburg signal box, which has local heritage significance.
  • Community consultation on the future of Gandolfo Gardens, including retention of as many trees as possible.
  • Retain the Canoe Tree Memorial in Gandolfo Gardens.

Key Actions


  • Ongoing advocacy to the LXRP and State Government for best possible outcomes for the Moreland community.
  • Sharing of LXRP news, updates and community consultation opportunities with the Moreland Community.
  • Continued advocacy for ongoing and increased community consultation and improved information sharing and communications.
  • Ongoing support for community advocacy groups.
  • Informing LXRP of the feedback we receive from the community and highlighting key community issues (such as tree protection at the Gandolfo Gardens and respect of Heritage aspects of the stations).
  • Meeting with LXRP to provide advice and information about Council policies, strategies and planning requirements e.g. the Moreland Planning Scheme, Council’s local law requirements and information about Council’s engineering requirements that cover everything from park benches to curbs and channels.

Council has provided this advice and information as we would to any service authority, organisation or individual, to ensure those elements are reflected within the design of a project.

Gandolfo Gardens


  • Advocating to the LXRP to actively engage with community and incorporate their ideas into future designs of the VicTrack owned Gandolfo Gardens, including preservation of vegetation and overall use of the space.
  • Advocating to LXRP to retain as many trees as possible in the VicTrack owned Gandolfo Gardens, and for it to stand by its commitment that no trees will be removed to create space for storage materials, and that trees will only be removed to enable the construction of the elevated rail structure.
  • Successfully advocating for the preservation of the Canoe Tree memorial in the VicTrack owned Gandolfo Gardens.

Who owns Gandolfo Gardens?

Gandolfo Gardens are owned by VicTrack and the railway station premises and facilities are managed by Metro Trains contractors. Council has been maintaining the open space, landscape and trees of the gardens.

Ensuring our community has access to parks and green open spaces is part of our Open Space Strategy and A Park Close to Home initiative and Council also has a range of additional strategies including the Urban Forest Strategy, Urban Heat Island Action Plan and Cooling the Upfield Corridor.


    • Pedestrian plazas at Coburg and Moreland Stations
    • A separated bike and pedestrian path
    • Five vehicle, bike and pedestrian crossings
    • Nature-play community space
    • Preservation of heritage buildings at Coburg and Moreland stations.
  • Continued advocacy for improvements to the Bell to Moreland project designs including:
    • Inclusion of escalators at Coburg station or consideration to future proof for this important growth area
    • Separated bike and pedestrian paths around the stations to improve safety and commuter access and;
    • Further extensions to the Upfield shared path.



  • Sharing of documents released by LXRP in response to a Freedom of Information Request by a member of the community:

LXRP Bell to Moreland Project Requirements (PDF 766Kb)

LXRP Urban Design Guidelines - Coburg (PDF 11Mb)

LXRP Urban Design Guidelines - Moreland (PDF 10Mb)

LXRP Integrated Art Guidelines (PDF 5Mb)


  • Advocacy to Minister for Planning regarding concerns about change to submission process for proposed changes to the registration of the Upfield Railway Line Precinct in the Victorian Heritage Register. Media release issued.


  • Special Council meeting held on 22 August regarding LXRP’s permit application to Heritage Victoria to demolish the Munro Street signal box. Resolution to submit application to Heritage Victoria to oppose the demolition. See Heritage Victoria’s permit decision here. Media release issued.
  • Advocacy regarding LXRP community consultation on VicTrack owned Gandolfo Gardens. Media release issued.


  • Formation of theLXRP Community Advocacy Group (CARG), comprising members of the community, local groups, the Mayor, Councillors and officers. The group meet regularly to progress advocacy effort focusing on enhanced project outcomes.

Summary CARG meeting minutes available here.

  • Council commits $30,000 for community advocacy actions.
  • Council helps facilitate a public meeting, which is set up and run by the Upfield Corridor Coalition community group.


  • Council writes to Minister for Transport Infrastructure Jacinta Allan and LXRP CEO Kevin Devlin expressing concern regarding the lack of consultation and seeking assurances regarding future community engagement.


Council expresses its disappointment at the lack of consultation by the LXRP on the station designs. Media release issued.



Council resolution:

  • Supports removal of four level crossings on the Upfield line.
  • Requests LXRP conduct further community consultation on proposed designs.
  • Advocates for a final design that incorporates best practice technologies to minimise noise and visual impact, creates new open spaces and improves links and pathways for pedestrians and cyclists.


  • Council advocates for Reynard and Munro Street crossings to be removed as part of the Bell and Moreland project.
  • Council’s advocacy position widely publicised including presence at the LXRP’s community consultation.


Council resolution:

  • Advocacy position tailored to each design option (elevated or trench) that maximises place and community benefit no matter which option LXRP use.
  • Seeks meeting with the Minister for Transport to present Council’s advocacy case and seek confirmation about LXRP’s community engagement program timing.
  • Participate in LXRP’s community engagement to ensure Council’s position on both design options is made known to the community



Council resolution seeks independent technical feasibility assessment of elevated and trench design solutions.


Council resolution:

  • Endorsed a set of principles and place specific outcomes to guide Council’s negotiations with the LXRP and State Government agencies, to achieve optimal outcomes for the community.


Council advocates to LXRP for grade separation at Glenroy, Moreland and Coburg crossings.


Council advocates to LXRP for grade separation at Glenroy, Moreland and Coburg crossings.

Media Releases

Click here for all Council media releases issued about the level crossing removal project.

Council Meeting Minutes

Click here for all Council Meeting minutes.

Looking for more information?

If you have any questions about the project, contact the Level Crossing Removal Project at:

Email: contact@levelcrossings.vic.gov.au

Phone: 1800 105 105.

For languages other than English phone 9280 0780

In person:


153 Sydney Road


Or by visiting the LXRP website, the Your Level Crossing website or connect with LXRP’s social media channels.

Stay up-to-date on opportunities to have your say

Contact the LXRP

Contact Minister for Transport Infrastructure, Jacinta Allan

Contact Member for Pascoe Vale, Lizzie Blandthorn

Contact Member for Brunswick, Tim Read


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