Vacant land differential rate

Changes to the Vacant and Unoccupied Land Differential Rate

From 1 July 2018, the Vacant and Unoccupied Land Differential Rate will no longer be charged for properties within the Moreland municipality.

Previously, properties subject to the Vacant and Unoccupied Land Rate were charged four times the general rate and a rebate was granted to those who applied and met certain criteria.

What this means for property owners

Vacant land and unoccupied properties will be charged the general rate in line with their classification. Owners of these properties no longer need to apply to receive the rebate.

In accordance with the Moreland City Council General Local Law 2018 (DOC 622Kb):

  • Property owners are expected to maintain their property and ensure it is not unsightly or dangerous.
  • All vacant land in Moreland must be fenced.

Council will continue to conduct random inspections of vacant land and unoccupied properties to ensure they comply with the Local Law.

Penalties apply to breaches of the Local Law, including a Notice to Comply, issuing of an infringement, or the matter may be referred to the Magistrates' Court.

Further information

For further information, visit unsightly properties and fencing.