Key selection criteria

The key selection criteria indicate the level of knowledge, skills, abilities, experience and personal attributes that a person needs to perform the role.

Council often requires you to provide a statement responding to each criteria as part of your application. Council indicates if you need to respond to the key selection criteria in the job advertisement.

Your responses allow us to better assess your ability to meet the requirements of the job. How well you fulfil the criteria will determine whether or not you are asked to attend an interview.

The aim when addressing selection criteria is to show how your skills and experiences are relevant to the position you are applying for. It is important to be focused and directly address each criteria.

Two or three paragraphs is usually enough to address each individual criteria.

One way to approach selection criteria is to use the Situation, Task, Action, Result approach. This approach helps you to provide evidence through relevant examples.

Situation: What was the situation; where and when did it take place?

Task: What was your role? What did you have to do?

Action: What did you do in response to the situation and how did you go about it?

Result: What was the result of your actions? What did you achieve?