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The next Council meeting is the Council meeting on Wednesday 11 December 2019 at 7 pm, in the Council Chamber, Moreland Civic Centre, 90 Bell Street, Coburg.

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You can also view a copy of the agenda at Council Customer Service Centres and online at libraries from the Friday afternoon before the meeting. See upcoming Council meeting dates and locations.

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Council meeting agenda

Wednesday 11 December 2019 - 7 pm

1.       Welcome

2.       Apologies    

3.       Declaration of Interest and/or Conflict of Interest

4.       Minute Confirmation

The minutes of the Council Meeting held on 13 November 2019 be confirmed.

5.       Minutes / Reports of Special Committee

6.       Petitions

PET17/19 Wilson Street, Brunswick - Request for one way                                                                  

7.       Public Question Time

8.       Council Reports

DCF90/19 Amendment C183 - Moreland Integrated Transport Strategy and Parking Implementation Plan - Decision Gateway 2: Consideration of Submissions and Request a Panel

DCD31/19 Draft Youth Action Plan 2020-2021 - Adoption

DCI24/19 Contract 835ST - Wheatsheaf Community Hub - Main Works

DCD32/19 Wheatsheaf Community Hub Early Years Centre Update - Approval for Consultation - Lease for Long Day Care

DEP11/19 Pedestrian and Bicycle Advocacy for the Bell to Moreland Level Crossing Removal Project - Response to NOM50/19 and NOM28/19

DCF91/19 Permanent Road Closures - Sumner Street and Peers Street, Brunswick East

DCD33/19 East Timor Scholarships and Education Improvement Programs - Response to Notice of Motion NOM63/19

DCD34/19 John Pascoe Fawkner Statue Donation - Response to Notice of Motion NOM46/18

DCD35/19 Fawkner Library Relocation Feasibility Study - Response to Notice of Motion 39/18

DCF92/19 Moreland Road and De Carle Street Road Safety Audit - Response to Notice of Motion NOM43/19

DCF93/19 Design Excellence Scorecard - Trial Update

DCI25/19 Spry Street Park Development Plan

DCF94/19 Support for Homes for Homes

DCD36/19 Review of the 'Good Access is Good Business' Program

EMF42/19 Financial Management Report for the period ended 31 OCTOBER 2019 including first quarter financial review - cyclical report

DBT27/19 Governance Report - December 2019 - Cyclical Report

EMF43/19 Proposed Discontinuance and Sale of right of Way Enclosed at THE REAR OF 112 Barkly Street and 85-89 Brunswick Road, Brunswick East

DCI26/19 Contract 864T - Edgars Creek Pedestrian/Cycle Bridge Construction, Ronald Street, Coburg North

DCF96/19 Contract 851T - Gaffney Village Shopping Strip Streetscape Improvement Tender Report

DCI27/19 Contract 822T - Richards Reserve Pavilion Refurbishment

DCF97/19 Contract 850T - Russell Street Precinct Streetscape Improvement

DCI28/19 Contract 839T - Traffic Management Services

DCI29/19 Contract 811T - Panel of Consultants for Project and Capital Works Services

DCI30/19 Contract 810t - Panel of Contractors for Building Works and Services

9.       Notices of Motion

NOM64/19 Acquisition of Land Owned by the State of Victoria and its Agencies

NOM65/19 Concerns for Blanket Removal of Multi-Member Ward Electoral Structures in Local Government Act

NOM66/19 Electric Scooters - Updating the Regulatory Framework

NOM67/19 New and Emerging Communities Festival

NOM68/19 Melbourne Victory’s Academy in Moreland

NOM69/19 Coburg Athletics Track

NOM70/19 Informal Multipurpose Active Recreation Surfaces in Urban Places

NOM71/19 Public Transport Advocacy

NOM72/19 Refinement of Parking Restrictions         

10.     Notice of Rescission


11.     Foreshadowed Items


12.     Urgent Business Reports

13.     Confidential Business

DCI31/19Confidential Contract 833T - Waste Services Collection - North

Pursuant to sections 77(2)(c) and 89(2)(a), and (d), this report has been designated as confidential by the Chief Executive Officer because it relates to personnel matters, and contractual matters.

DEP12/19 Request for Proposal -  406 Victoria Street, Brunswick Recommendations

Pursuant to sections 77(2)(c) and 89(2)(d), and (h), this report has been designated as confidential by the Chief Executive Officer because it relates to contractual matters, and any other matter which the Council or special committee considers would prejudice the Council or any person.

DEP13/19Coburg Square - Project Update

Pursuant to sections 77(2)(c) and 89(2)(e) this report has been designated as confidential by the Chief Executive Officer because it relates to proposed developments.