Coburg 2020 Structure Plan

The Central Coburg 2020 Structure Plan is a long-term plan to guide decisions in the Coburg Activity Centre following consideration of the social, cultural, environmental and economic consequences.

Central Coburg 2020 Structure Plan documents

The Central Coburg 2020 Structure Plan has 2 volumes.

Implementation of the Coburg 2020 Structure Plan

Council have adopted a place management approach to managing change and have appointed a place manager for each Council structure plan. 

Place management is the mechanism for managing the wide range of issues, challenges and opportunities that face an activity area every day. It is a management approach that enables issues to be pursued in an integrated, coordinated way to achieve the economic, social and environmental potential of an activity area.

This approach recognises the complexity of managing change in Coburg and the need to focus on both the big picture and improving and influencing day-to-day service delivery.

Further information

For more information on the Coburg 2020 Structure Plan and the place management approach to managing change in Coburg, contact Council.

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