Amendment C134: Brunswick Activity Centre

About Amendment C134 and Brunswick Activity Centre

The Brunswick Activity Centre is currently experiencing rapid change. Significant population and employment growth has brought with it challenges to maintaining and improving its liveability as a unique and diverse place within metropolitan Melbourne.

Amendment C134 proposes to implement the land use and built form directions from the Brunswick Structure Plan (2010), Brunswick Structure Plan Addendum (2012) and Sydney Road and Upfield Corridor Strategic Framework Plan (2014). 

Download the Amendment C134 Information Sheet  (DOC 1Mb)or Amendment C134 Information Sheet (PDF 324Kb).

Significant features of the amendment include:

  • Changes to the Local Planning Policy Framework (LPPF) to implement Council’s strategic plans
  • Rezoning strategically selected parcels of land to allow for urban renewal
  • Appplication of three new Design and Development Overlays that provide built form guidance for new developments, and
  • Application of the Environmental Audit Overlay to sites identified as potentially contaminated land.

The amendment relates to the Brunswick Activity Centre (BAC) and applies to the Sydney Road and Upfield Corridor, Lygon Street local area and Nicholson Street local area as identified in Brunswick Structure Plan (BSP), Brunswick Structure Plan Addendum and Sydney Road and Upfield Corridor Strategic Framework Plan (2014).

Status update (August 2016)

On 3 August 2016, the Minister for Planning approved C134.  Notice of the approved amendment was advertised in the Government Gazette on 11 August 2016 which is when the chages were formally introduced into the Moreland Planning Scheme.  

The following amendment documents were approved by the Minister and now form part of the Moreland Planning Scheme:

C134 - Clause 21.02 (PDF 1Mb)

C134 - Clause 21.03 (PDF 71Kb)

C134 - Clause 21.04 (PDF 23Kb)

C134 - Clause 43.02 Schedule 18 (DDO18)  (PDF 5Mb)

C134 - Clause 43.02 Schedule 19 (DDO19) (PDF 2Mb) 

C134 - Clause 43.02 Schedule 20 (DD020)  (PDF 1Mb)

C134 - Map 1 Zone Map 15  (PDF 160Kb)

C134 - Map 2 Zone Map 14  (PDF 140Kb)

C134 - Map 3 Zone Map 14 (PDF 106Kb) 

C134 - Map 4 Zone Map 14  (PDF 128Kb)

C134 - Map 5 Zone Map 14 and 15 (PDF 106Kb) 

C134 - Map 6 Environmental Audit Overlay Map 15  (PDF 288Kb)

C134 - Map 7 Environmental Audit Overlay Map 14 and 15  (PDF 249Kb)

C134 - Map 8 Design and Development Overlay Map 11  (PDF 465Kb)

C134 - Map 9 Design and Development Overlay Map 14  (PDF 384Kb)

C134 - Map 10 Design and Development Overlay Map 15  (PDF 350Kb)

C134 - Map 11 Delete Design and Development Overlay Map 14  (PDF 185Kb)

C134 - Map 12 Delete Design and Development Overlay Map 14 (PDF 136Kb) 

C134 - Map 13 Delete Design and Development Overlay Map 14 (PDF 100Kb)

C134 - Map 14 Delete Design and Development Overlay Map 14  (PDF 163Kb)

Further information

C134 - Officer Report to Council - 8 July 2015 (PDF 31Mb)

C134 - Adopted Council Meeting Minutes - 8 July 2015

Independent Panel Report

C134 Panel Report (PDF 4Mb)

Expert Witness Reports for Planning Panels Victoria Hearing (February 2015)

Urban Design - Mark Sheppard, David Lock Associates (PDF 11Mb)

Urban Design - Simon McPherson, SJB Urban (PDF 5Mb)

Heritage - David Helms, Context (PDF 1Mb)

Supporting documents 

Brunswick Structure Plan documents

Sydney Road/Upfield Corridor Strategic Framework Plan (PDF 10Mb) 

Statutory Implementation Options for Industrial Precincts in Brunswick MAC - March 2011 (prepared by SGS Economics and Planning)  (PDF 17Mb)

Brunswick Precinct Industrial Rezoning Model Study Report - July 2010 (prepared by Planisphere)  (PDF 9Mb)

Moreland Industrial Land Use Strategy

Moreland Industrial Land Use Strategy Appendix 1

Brunswick Major Activity Centre Environmental Audit Overlay Assessment 15 Dec 2011 (PDF 3Mb)

Heritage documentation (DOC 24Mb)

Council’s planning officers are available to discuss the new zones and overlays and the implications they may have for any planning permit application.  Please contact Council’s City Development Branch on 9240 1111 should you require any further information.  

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