Moreland Heritage Gaps Study

Yorkshire Textile Mill

Help us identify places of heritage significance

Do you know of a place or space in Moreland you think should be protected for heritage reasons? Let us know by nominating a place.

Council is keen to identify and record these places, which have played an important role in shaping Moreland’s history, development and community identity.

Your place nomination will assist Council prepare a heritage gaps study for the municipality. This study is an inventory of buildings, precincts, and other places of aesthetic, architectural, historical, scientific, social or other special importance. A heritage study helps us protect identified heritage places.

Check if a place already has heritage protection

Enter an address to check if a place:

  • is already included in the Moreland Heritage Overlay as part of the Moreland Planning Scheme
  • is on the list for further detailed assessment by a heritage consultant, or
  • has been assessed in the past and has not been included in the Moreland Heritage Overlay.
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Brick house heritage

Nominate a heritage place: due 30 November 2016

If you know of a place or space that you think should be protected for heritage reasons, and you have checked the place is not already on our heritage list, submit a nomination. 

Heritage places and spaces can be buildings or groups of buildings (including houses, shops, statues and signage), structures, precincts (groups of houses), and other places including trees, landscapes, parks, churches and schools.

You do not have to own a place to be able to nominate it. 

Nominations must be received by 5 pm on Wednesday 30 November 2016.

What happens after I nominate a place?

Preliminary assessment

Experienced heritage consultants, on behalf of Council, will investigate the history of any nominated place against formal criteria to determine the heritage significance of a place. For a place to be included in the Moreland Heritage Overlay it must meet at least one of the Heritage Council of Victoria’s Criteria (HERCON) criteria (DOC 138Kb).

This assessment will determine whether or not the place is significant and warrants heritage protection at either a state or local level, usually through the application of a Heritage Overlay in the Moreland Planning Scheme.

You will be notified whether the place or space you nominate will be included in the list for a further detailed assessment for the Moreland Heritage Gaps Study. 

Nominations will be made public and will form part of a further detailed assessment.

Preparation of the Heritage Gaps Study

Once the potential heritage significance of a place or space is confirmed, a further detailed assessment for each place is undertaken by a heritage consultant. The heritage consultant will prepare the Moreland Heritage Gaps Study and recommend places and spaces to be included in a future Heritage Overlay in the Moreland Planning Scheme.

Council consideration

The final Moreland Heritage Gaps Study, including recommendations for a list of places or spaces to be included in the Heritage Overlay, is then considered by Council.

At this time, Council will also consider a request to start the formal planning scheme amendment process to include the confirmed heritage places identified in the Moreland Heritage Gaps Study into the Moreland Heritage Overlay. 

Formal amendment process

Places recommended for inclusion in the Heritage Overlay require an amendment to the Moreland Planning Scheme. All amendments are advertised by public notice in local newspapers, the Moreland City Council website and placed on public display. Direct written notice is also sent to all individual owners and occupiers.

Owners of properties and any other person may make a written submission supporting or opposing the inclusion of a place in the Heritage Overlay.

All submissions are assessed by Council officers and further reviewed by the expert heritage consultant before Council makes a decision on whether or not to include the place in the Heritage Overlay. Submitters will be advised of Council's decision. 

Any submission seeking a change to the Heritage Overlay or opposed to the Heritage Overlay must be referred to a Planning Panel. The Planning Panel will then hold a public hearing to consider submissions and prepare a report with recommendations for Council.

The next step is for Council to consider the Panel's recommendations and make a final decision on whether or not a place or space should be included in the Moreland Heritage Overlay.

More information

If you have a question about nominating a place or the process, contact Council’s Strategic Planning Team on 9240 2422 or email Strategic Planning.

For information about developing a property with a heritage overlay, see heritage.


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