Moreland Planning Scheme

About the Moreland Planning Scheme

Each Council area in Victoria has its own planning scheme.

A planning scheme sets out policies and provisions for the use, development and protection of land in a municipality. It is a legal document prepared by the local Council or the Minister for Planning, and approved by the minister.

All land in Moreland is affected by the Moreland Planning Scheme. Visit Moreland Planning Scheme online for:

  • maps of Moreland with zones and overlays
  • Moreland’s Local Planning Policy Framework (LPPF). This includes the Municipal Strategic Statement (MSS) which sets out the overall vision to guide future land use and development in the municipality and includes seven key strategic directions for:
  1. Activity Centres
  2. Land for Industry and Economic Regeneration
  3. Housing
  4. Good Design
  5. Environmentally Sustainable Development
  6. Open Space Network
  7. Transport Network
  • The LPPF also includes a series of local policies about specific issues.
  • Victoria’s State Planning Policy Framework (SPPF) which provides the overarching State Planning vision, objectives and strategies. 

Reformed Residential Zones (2017)

On 27 March 2017, the Minister for Planning introduced reformed residential zones based on the recommendations of the Managing Residential Development Advisory Committee to all planning schemes in Victoria by Amendment VC110.

Changes include introducing a new term "garden area" and mending the Neighbourhood Residential Zone, General Residential Zone, Residential Growth Zone and Mixed Use Zone.

See Reformed Residential Zones for further information about the residential zones review, fact sheets and transitional arrangements. See Amendment VC110 to view the new zones.

Local Planning Policy Framework (LPPF) and Municipal Strategic Statement (MSS) (2015)

On 29 January 2015 the Minister for Planning gazetted the approval of a revised Local Planning Policy Framework (incorporating the Municipal Strategic Statement and Local Planning Policies) to be included in the Moreland Planning Scheme. See Amendment C152 to the Moreland Planning Scheme for further information.

Reference and incorporated documents to the Moreland Planning Scheme

Below are the most commonly used documents that are referenced in the Moreland Planning Scheme or relate to building and planning in some way. 

As some of these documents date back a while, we can only provide the PDF version in some instances. 

If you have trouble viewing any of these documents, contact Council to arrange an appointment to view these documents at the Moreland Civic Centre, 90 Bell Street, Coburg.

Reference documents to the Moreland Planning Scheme (listed at Clause 21.04 of the MSS)

Development of four or more storeys

Design and development overlay reference documents

Moreland heritage studies

Former City of Coburg studies

Former City of Brunswick studies

City of Moreland studies

There are documents on this page in PDF-only format. If you have trouble opening or viewing a PDF document, contact Council and we will arrange to provide the information in a format that suits your needs. See Council's accessibility page for further details.