Fast track - simple applications

Fast track planning applications

Straight forward proposals may qualify as ‘Fast Track’ planning permit applications. Fast Track applications are generally processed within 10 days and are not required to be advertised to neighbours .

There are two different types of Fast Track planning permit applications:

  1. State Government ‘Vic Smart’ applications, and
  2. Moreland City Council local Fast Track applications.

Your application may fall into one of the above fast track streams. They are explained below.

In addition, Council has a commercial priority fast track application process for new or existing businesses.

VicSmart applications

The 12 classes below are VicSmart proposals. Each class has specified requirements for information, assessment processes and decision guidelines.

If your VicSmart application does not contain all the required information, Council will have to request this information. This is likely to mean a decision will take longer than 10 days.

Moreland Fast Track applications

There are some types of minor proposals that do not fit in the VicSmart classes above. For this reason, Council has developed its own local Fast Track process.

A proposal will qualify for Moreland City Council’s 10 day Fast Track process if it:

  • Is not a VicSmart application (see above)
  • Contains all the required information at lodgement
  • Does not require referral to an external or internal department
  • Does not require advertising to neighbours, and
  • Is a supportable proposal.

To find out if your application is eligible for VicSmart or Moreland’s Fast Track or have any questions, contact a Council Urban Planning Officer on 9240 1111.

Commercial priority business applications

Fast track - commerical priority business applications has information for new or expanding business applying for a planning permit.

Further information

There are documents on this page in PDF-only format. If you have trouble opening or viewing a PDF document, contact Council and we will arrange to provide the information in a format that suits your needs. See Council's accessibility page for further details.