Car sharing and car pooling

Car sharing

Moreland is serviced by a growing number of car share providers.

Car sharing provides an alternative to car ownership, while providing access to a car when you need it.

Car share is a privately run service where companies offer access to a fleet of cars to their members. Members can access cars on short notice, booking via the phone or internet when they need to access a car. 

Bookings can be as short as an hour or two or as long as several days. Members pay a monthly rate and a little more each time they make a booking. These rates cover all the costs of motoring including petrol, insurance, maintenance and dedicated parking spaces.   

For people who don't need a car everyday, using a car share scheme may be a better option than owning your own car. 

The benefits of car share are:

  • the potential to reduce demand for parking
  • older, more polluting cars are replaced with new, more fuel efficient vehicles
  • smarter choices about transport to maximise transportation efficiency, and
  • stronger community through efficient sharing of resources.

Car sharing companies include:

Car pooling

Car pooling is when two or more people travel together in one car to a common destination. Car pooling is flexible and can be used for one-off trips or on a regular basis. It is an easy and convenient way for people to make a more sustainable travel choice.

The Department of Transport, Planning and Local Infrastructure have information for car pooling for people travelling to work or tertiary institutions. 

Ozcarpool, an Australia-wide car pool database, will put you in touch with other people in your area that commute at the same time as you each day.

Once you get a match, all you have to do is contact that person via email to start your carpool group.