Multicultural services

Moreland's libraries have books for children and adults, magazines, newspapers, DVDs and CDs in 15 community languages. Library events include cultural activities, new book events and storytimes in other languages. There are also books and language kits for learning English.

Multicultural events

Greek storytime

Italian storytime

Urdu storytime


BBC news in your language

International Children's Digital Library

Learn English (IELTS)

Which library has books, magazines, DVDs and CDs in my language?

Language Library
Arabic عَرَبيْ  Brunswick, Coburg, Fawkner and Glenroy
Chinese 中文 Brunswick, Coburg and Glenroy
Croatian Hrvatski Coburg
French Français Coburg
German Deutsch

Brunswick and Glenroy
(Magazines only)

Greek ελληνικά Brunswick, Campbell Turnbull, Coburg and Glenroy 
Hindi हिंदी Coburg
Italian Italiano All Moreland libraries
Nepali नेपाली Coburg
Polish Polski Glenroy
Sinhalese Glenroy
Spanish Español Coburg, Brunswick (picturebooks only)
Turkish Türkçe Coburg and Glenroy
Urdu Fawkner
Vietnamese  Brunswick, Coburg and Glenroy

 Information about Moreland libraries in other languages