School holiday activities

Free activities for primary school children are held at Moreland libraries during the school holidays.

Activities include performers, craft, and book-related activities. Activities are for children attending primary school in 2017.

Bookings are essential as numbers are limited.

You can register to book by clicking on the event. Alternatively, you can call the library to book or ask one of our staff.

Robots for juniors

2 pm, Thursday 4 January, Glenroy Library

Transform our Beebot robots into hedgehogs. Based on “I need a Hug” by Aaron Blabbey. Then program your hedgehog to find a friend to hug who doesn’t mind his spikes.

Wooden boats 

2.30 pm, Thursday 4 January, Brunswick Library

Kinetic Sand

11.30 am, Friday 5 January, Fawkner Library

Make your own kinetic sand.  Be amazed by the science behind why the sand sticks together. 

Lote Storytime - Vietnamese

10.30 am, Friday 5 January, Coburg Library

Learn more about other cultures with our LOTE Story time series over summer.

Stop Motion Animation

2 pm, Tuesday 9 January, Coburg Library

Make fun short films with LEGO and other props. Learn how to turn anything in an action film!


11.30 am, Tuesday 9 January, Fawkner Library

Join Minibeast Wildlife as they introduce you to the  zoo in your backyard.  Get close up and personal with all types of bugs and little creatures. 

Comic Club

2 pm, Tuesday 9 January, Campbell Turnbull Library

Pasta Pictures

2 pm, Wednesday 10 January, Coburg Library

Use pasta to make a creative collage.

Charlie Silly Pants: “We’re going on a holiday"

2 pm, Thursday 11 January, Glenroy Library

Charlie SillyPants is packing his bags to go on the best holiday ever, do you know why? Because he’s going to find some new friends! The children will help Charlie prepare then go on a holiday to Magicland as they meet funny characters and many new friends. Focusing on the themes of friendship, Charlie Sillypants might find out that what he was looking for may have been closer to home than he thought!

What Plant Am I?

2.30 pm, Thursday 11 January, Brunswick Library

Lote Storytime - French

10.30 am, Friday 12 January, Coburg Library

Learn more about other cultures with our LOTE Story time series over summer.

Decorate Calico Bags - Glenroy Library 

2 pm, Monday 15 January, Glenroy Library

Lego Engineering

2 pm, Tuesday 16 January, Fawkner Library

Can you build a bridge?  Will your bridge be the strongest, the highest or the most colourful?

Whacky worms with the Scientwists

2 pm, Wednesday 17 January, Campbell Turnbull Library

Scientwists present whacky worms.  Have fun with science and make your own polymer worms using syringes and test tubes.

Starlab Planetarium

Session one 2 - 3 pm (ages 5 - 8)

Session two 3 - 4 pm (ages 9 -13)

Come and see the wonders of the solar system in this unique portable planetarium! 

Kitchen Science

2.30 pm, Thursday 18 January, Brunswick Library

Lote Storytime - Turkish

10.30 am, Friday 19 January, Coburg Library

Learn more about other cultures with our LOTE Story time series over summer.

Japanese carp windsocks

2 pm, Monday 22 January, Glenroy Library

Make your own Japanese carp windsocks.

IPad art

11.30 am, Tuesday 23 January, Fawkner Library

Create an amazing painting on an ipad using Sketch.

Kids’ own publishing using ipads 

2.30 pm, Tuesday 23 January, Brunswick Library

Back to School Book Bags

2 pm, Tuesday 23 January, Coburg Library

Get ready to go back to school by decorating your very own calico book bag!


Make and decorate your own kaleidoscope and see how beautiful patterns can be.

2 pm, Wednesday 24 January, Campbell Turnbull Library