Advertising and Club Signage Policy


In 2013, a Council report noted that sponsor signs displayed in sportsgrounds were prohibited under the Moreland Planning Scheme. It acknowledged that signage around sporting grounds was a complex issue that requires careful consideration and the balancing of community  expectations and amenity impacts with the needs of sporting clubs. In response, Council resolved to:

  • Undertake a review of its signage policies and practice.
  • Introduce a moratorium on the enforcement of the signage prohibitions in the Moreland Planning Scheme pending the outcomes of the review.

The aim of the review was to develop a ‘Advertising and Club Signage Policy’ for Moreland City Council to regulate the display of advertising and club name signage in open space across the municipality.  

The review had four objectives:

  • Describe the extent and nature of signage in open space in Moreland.
  • Provide a consistent Council approach to the display of signage in open space.
  • Develop a ‘Advertising and Club Signage Policy’ which achieves a balance between retaining community group and club revenues from signage and protecting visual amenity and community safety
  • Make recommendations about existing signage that does not comply with the new ‘Advertising and Club Signage Policy’.

Review recommendations and draft policy

The review recommended that Council take the following action:

  • Extend the moratorium for a further 24 months to facilitate the phased introduction of the new Policy and required Planning Scheme amendments.
  • Require clubs to get Council approval to display sponsor, club name signs, club member or player and club activity signs.
  • Reclassify sportsgrounds in the Planning Schemes to Category 3 – High Amenity Areas. This would allow clubs to apply for planning permission to erect sponsor signs.
  • Council write to the State Minister requesting an increase in the size of sponsor signs from 2 sq m to 3 sq m through an amendment to the Planning Scheme
  • Introduce size, location, content and duration requirements for sponsor, club name, club activity and club member or player signs. Allow clubs to seek Council’s approval to vary these requirements.
  • Require clubs to comply with the policy requirements for new signs erected after the Draft Policy and Planning Scheme Amenedments come into effect. A transition period for existing signs would be introduced.

These recommendations are discussed in the Draft Advertising and Club Signage Policy.

Have your say: due Friday 22 April

Council is seeking feedback from clubs and community on the proposed changes. 

Please submit your feedback by 5 pm on Friday 22 April 2016 to Open Space Design and Development Unit.

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Other ways to give feedback

  • Phone 8311 4387
  • Email Council Open Space 
  • Mail to Moreland City Council, Locked Bag 10, Moreland VIC 3058, or
  • In person at Moreland Civic Centre, 90 Bell Street, Coburg

Further information

For further information on this project, contact Alex English, Open Space Design and Development Unit on 8311 4387 or email Council Open Space.