MoreArt Public Art Show

MoreArt Public Art Show

An annual art in public spaces event along Moreland's iconic transport corridors.

Moreart, the Moreland City Council Public Art Show, is an annual art-in-public-spaces event that continues to surprise and engage the community every year. A vibrant cluster of artworks and artists appear in unusual, and unexpected public sites along the Upfield and Sydney Road rail, road and bike precinct. Now in its sixth year, this diverse program demonstrates the ability of artists to transform urban environments into vehicles for contemplation, celebration and imagination.

MoreArt 2016


2016 Theme - Passage

MoreArt invites artists to submit a concept in response to the theme,Passage, for the supported Component of MoreArt 2016. We invite artists to propose works for various sites along the Upfield Line and Sydney Road public transport, cultural and commercial precincts. Each successful applicant will receive a fee for their participation. The artworks, project and/or residency will be on site for up to 2 months and will be launched at MoreArt 2016 on Sunday October 23. Where feasible the preferred site will be allocated, however, the exhibition selection committee will have final say as to where artworks will be situated. MoreArt will consider alternative sites not listed below if the artist has arranged access and logistics. 

MoreArt supported Works Application (PDF 1Mb)

Sunday 23 October to Sunday 18 December 2016

MoreArt 2014

2015 MoreArt program

For information about all the events and artworks, including a full map, see the 2015 MoreArt program (PDF 617Kb).  

Watch the MoreArt video about the Golden Opportunity Shop

We sat down with artists Ria Green and Aliça Bryson-Haynes in their Golden Opportunity Shop - part of MoreART 2015 - to learn how they’re transforming everyday recycled and rescued items into shiny new treasures with gold leaf. 

This video has captions you can turn on and off using the video controls.



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