MoreArt Public Art Show

MoreArt Public Art Show

Our annual art in public spaces event along Moreland's iconic transport corridors.

Participate, Perambulate and Pedal your Way Through MoreArt 2017

MoreArt, our annual art-in-public-spaces event is coming soon. A vibrant cluster of artworks and artists appear in  unexpected public sites along the Upfield and Sydney Road rail, road and bike precinct.

All Aboard artwork

Watch this space for program details coming soon!

MoreArt 2017 will run from 29 October until 15 December.

Past MoreArt shows


Watch the MoreArt video about the Golden Opportunity Shop

We sat down with artists Ria Green and Aliça Bryson-Haynes in their Golden Opportunity Shop - part of MoreART 2015 - to learn how they’re transforming everyday recycled and rescued items into shiny new treasures with gold leaf. 

This video has captions you can turn on and off using the video controls.


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