Wages Of Fear at The Mechanics Institute

Wages Of Fear at The Mechanics Institute

A tale of terror and suspense, adapted for the stage by Metanoia Theatre.

For Metanoia's ultimate work at Brunswick’s Mechanics Institute, they have chosen a rare stage adaptation of Georges Arnaud’s remarkable 1950 novel Wages of Fear.

A compelling and provocative tale of terror and suspense, Wages of Fear spins the thriller genre on its head.

The story seems simple; two men living lives of bleak despair in a slowly dying town are offered an irresistible pay-day by an unscrupulous oil company.

All they must do is transport a load of deadly nitroglycerine on a perilous journey.

As has become a Metanoia trademark, they are working with a cast of brilliant culturally diverse performers including Ange Arabatzis, Greg Ulfan, Adam Mattaliano, Kotryna Gesait, Fotis Kapetopolous, Melina Wylie and Brian Davison.

This ensemble piece will be performed on a stage dominated by the hulking monolith of the play’s other protagonist—the truck—which plays its own menacing role throughout the unfolding tale.

A musical score, along with emotive sound and lighting design, brings this provocative, volatile, exercise in dramatic tension to life.


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