Hope Road film screening

Hope Road film screening

Soup following by a screening of the film and questions and answers with the film maker.

Screening of the film “Hope Road” by acclaimed documentary maker Tom Zubrycki.

About the film

The film follows a refugee Zacharia (one of the ‘Lost Boys’ of Sudan) from the Sudanese civil war who lives in Sydney with his wife and daughter. He desperately wants to do something for his former village, now in the newly-created nation of South Sudan.

His dream is to build a much-needed school, and he enlists the backing of his numerous Australian friends to return to his village of Abyei Ajok and raise money for the building of the school. But nothing is simple on Hope Road.

Screening at Coburg

Join us for an evening including film screening, questions and answers by Zacharia and the film maker - Tom Zubrycki, delicious soup, warm company and commentary by South Sudanese Community Leaders.

All proceeds go towards the 'Hope Road' initiative, for the building of a school in the village of Abyei Ajok, South Sudan.

Hosted by VICSEG New Futures along with Merri Health and Moreland City Council.


VICSEG New Futures
Caspar Zika, Assistant General Manager
Phone: 9383 2533
Email: nfc@vicsegnewfutures.org.au

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