Chinese Moon Festival 2017

Chinese Moon Festival 2017

Batman Market presents 2017 Chinese Moon Festival.

The Moon Festival, or mid-Autumn Festival as it is commonly known, has been celebrated in China and surrounding parts of Asia since 1600 BCE.

Traditionally held on the fifteenth day of the eighth month of the lunar calendar, a full moon is high in the night sky.

The festival originates in worship of the Mountain Gods after crop harvest was complete and the fabled Dragon for bringing rain for the crops to grow.

In the absence of Mountain Gods, and rain Dragons, the festival has found an important place in contemporary Asia.

It is a time for the gathering of family and friends, to give thanks and well wishes for health, peace, beauty, and good fortune.

Represented by the rejuvenation of the full moon, the festival has become symbolic of being harmoniously together.

The traditional celebrations of rice and wheat are out - and today the festival is celebrated with dragon and lion dances, traditional games, incense burning, lotus root, wine, and most iconically - moon cakes!

The moon cake is symbolic of reunion and completeness - they are also spongey, sticky, and sweet!

This October, Batman Market will host the 2017 Chinese Moon Festival.

With an array of traditional foods, cultural performances, and mountains of moon cakes!


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