Food systems

baskets of fresh vegetables and fruitFood system

The Moreland Food System Strategy provides the building blocks for the community and Council to advance a sustainable, just and vibrant food system into the future.

This strategy was based on the community input that informed the Seeding Change report (PDF 14Mb)

The Moreland community does a range of exciting work in relation to food, including growing at home, social enterprises, community gardens, free food events, food swaps, food festivals and more.

The implementation of this strategy will build on these strengths and seek opportunities to learn and create a resilient local food system together.

Moreland Food System Strategy was endorsed by Council on 10 May 2017 and launched on 1 September 2017.

Download the Moreland Food System Strategy (DOC 654Kb) or Moreland Food System Strategy (PDF 6Mb).

The Strategy Action Plan will continue to be a working document and will be amended as projects are finalised. Lee Tozzi has been appointed as the Food System Officer for two days a week to work with the community and deliver the strategy. You can email Lee Tozzi or phone (Tuesdays and Thursdays) on 9240 1111 for further information on the strategy and its projects.

Food security 

Research on Food Security has recently been completed by a Masters of Public Health student from Melbourne University.

The purpose of the research was to produce a background report that collates local evidence about the issue of Food Security in Moreland.

The Food Security in the City of Moreland Background Report (PDF 997Kb) was independently produced by Cindy Tran. If you would like to talk to her directly about her findings and recommendations, please email Cindy Tran