Positive Charge service

In 2000 Moreland Council established local not-for-profit Moreland Energy Foundation (MEFL) to help Moreland’s households, businesses and community groups save energy and money while reducing their carbon emissions.

MEFL’s Positive Charge team provide free advice through their energy helpline along with a range of services to make it easy for those living and working in Moreland to access great deals on sustainable energy.

Current services provided through Positive Charge are:

  • Free energy information and advice – Positive Charge can help you with any questions related to electricity bills, lighting, appliances, hot water, insulation, solar panels, heating and cooling along with current funding options. Call 9385 8555 or see Postive Charge
  • Home renovators service – Positive Charge provides a free one-hour consultation to Moreland residents wanting to incorporate sustainable design, material and product choices into their renovation. Call Positive Charge on 9385 8555 to book.
  • Quality solar panels from a trusted provider at a discounted price.
  • Draughtproofing and insulation from a trusted provider at a discounted price.
  • Solar for business and schools – we can provide three solar quotes from trusted providers and talk you through which one is the right deal for you.
  • LED for business and schools
  • Home energy assessments (free for eligible households)

See how easy it is to go solar at home