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Oxygen Committee

The Youth Facilities and Services Steering Committee (also known as the Oxygen Committee), is a group of young people who oversee the Oxygen Project development, and make decisions regarding new youth spaces and services in Moreland.

Oxygen committee members


The Youth Facilities and Services Steering Committee includes Cr Natalie Abboud and Cr Lambros Tapinos and young people aged 14 - 25 years old who live, work or study in Moreland:

Current members:

  • Amelia Mazis
  • Antonio Youssef
  • Isabella Bernal
  • Cody Nolan
  • Gary Mao
  • Raquel Martins
  • Sarah Groves
  • Awais Siddiqui
  • Hamza Dhedhy
  • Troy Koikas
  • David Vadori
  • Jacinta Sheehan

Past members include:

  • Andrea Bozic
  • Marissa Butera
  • Thomas Cavuto
  • Khalid Chakli
  • Anthony Cianflone
  • Mohamed Elrafihi
  • Ruby Haynes
  • Joanne Massoud
  • Zuhre Mehmet
  • Jasmine Ouaida
  • Annemarie Valentini
  • Rana Erdal
  • David Murikumthara
  • Sarah Alihos
  • Michael Samoun
  • Anthony Simioni
  • Yasmin Jarkan


The committee meets 10 times per year at Council Chambers, Moreland Civic Centre, 90 Bell Street, Coburg.

Terms of reference

Youth Facilities and Services Steering Committee terms of reference (DOC 68Kb)

Meeting minutes