Moreland Integrated Transport Strategy 2018 and Parking Strategy


Consultation closes: 07 March 2018, 5:00 PM

There are different ways to have your say on this project or proposal. You can:

Project background

Moreland City Council reviews its Transport Strategy each decade. 

Since the last look in 2010, there have been significant changes in Council and State Government policies affecting transport, as well as new transport trends and technologies such as wider use of Uber, Menulog and car sharing services. 

Because these changes have been so significant and our urban environment is evolving so quickly, we’ve decided to develop a new strategy ahead of time. 

Following your initial input in December 2017, we have developed a Background Report (PDF 50Mb) which discusses key transport issues and opportunities for Moreland. We encourage you to take the time to look at this as it may help you participate in the current round of community consultation.

You may also wish to read the Technical Appendix (PDF 7Mb) to this report which provides further detail.

What will the Strategy contain?

Council is responsible for local roads, parking, footpaths and shared paths for cyclists and pedestrians.

Council is not directly responsible for major roads such as Sydney Road, setting speed limits, or public transport services (including car parks at train stations), but is a powerful advocate on behalf of the Moreland community to the state government agency decision makers.

The new strategy will focus on what Council can do directly to improve transport in Moreland, such as new or improved routes for pedestrians and cyclists, and traffic management works that help reduce speeding or unnecessary through traffic on local roads. It will also identify the most effective ways for Council to work with other bodies that have responsibility for transport, such as VicRoads and Public Transport Victoria.

This strategy will do more than just aspire and advocate for change. Some very concrete and game changing initiatives could come from it depending on what you tell us. One of these could be the requirement for developers to help fund infrastructure that supports sustainable transport.

A Parking Strategy for the Coburg and Brunswick Activity Centres is being developed at the same time as the new Moreland Integrated Transport Strategy. This will determine whether the correct amount of car parking is being provided in these areas, including whether this supports a shift towards sustainable transport modes (walking, cycling and using public transport).

How do I have my say?

Complete our survey

We would like to know how you currently get around, what would encourage you to use other modes of transport in the future, and what you think Council should prioritise when it comes to moving around Moreland.

To provide your thoughts and help us develop the draft of the new strategy please complete the survey, which closes at 5 pm on 7 March 2018.

Once the draft strategy is adopted by Council in May 2018, we will give you another opportunity to provide comment and let us know if there is anything we have missed.

Complete the online survey

Use our interactive map to identify transport issues

You can let us know what transport improvements you would like, or let us know what works well at the moment, through our interactive map.

Take part in a consultation event

We will be running a number of consultation events in February to March 2018.


There will be further events in May to June 2018 once the draft strategy has been adopted by Council.

Further information

For further information, please contact Council by calling 9240 1111 or emailing Transport Strategy Review.


There are documents on this page in PDF-only format. If you have trouble opening or viewing a PDF document, contact Council and we will arrange to provide the information in a format that suits your needs. See Council's accessibility page for further details.


Consultation closes: 07 March 2018, 5:00 PM

There are different ways to have your say on this project or proposal. You can: