Moreland Draft Parking Management Policy


Council’s current Parking Management Policy was adopted in July 2011 to formalise a process and set of procedures and guidelines for Council officers to follow when responding to requests for parking restrictions and other parking measures.

With increased demand for parking, a recent evaluation by Council officers determined that while the existing policy has held up very well, there were several items that should now be amended to further strengthen it.

The main purpose of the policy is to provide a transparent mechanism for:

  • Apportioning kerbside parking bays in areas of high demand to benefit residents, businesses, disabled users, etc.
  • Providing equitable access to on-street and off-street parking bays
  • Encouraging the use of sustainable transport
  • Managing traffic flow in the municipality
  • Categorising parking bay locations according to user priority, and
  • Formalising current Transport unit practices.

At the February 2018 Council meeting, Council resolved to:

  1. Endorse the draft Parking Management Policy 2018 for community consultation.
  2. Receive a further report on the Parking Management Policy following the community consultation.

Download the:

(Please note that the draft policy incorrectly listed Appendix 1 as Appendix 2. The document was corrected on 6 March 2018 and the reference to an Appendix 1 fee schedule removed).

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